News Release – August 2008: AWMV Industrial Products has several new machines for the pallet & sawmill industries.

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AWMV Introduces Saw-Carriage System

      AWMV Industrial Products, a division of Wood-Mizer Products, has several new machines for the pallet and sawmill industries.

      The AWMV 4250 SCH is a complete head rig – a vertical band mill with carriage system. Unlike traditional head rigs, however, the carriage is stationary. The thin-kerf bandsaw, on a 17-degree slant, moves back and forth on rails to cut the log. The carriage is built by Cleereman Manufacturing.

      The AWMV 4250 SCH can cut logs from 8-48 inches in diameter and up to 18 feet long; length can be extended to 36 feet. Feed rate is 300 feet per minute.

      The band mill has 42-inch wheels and runs 38-50 mm-wide thin-kerf blades that are easily and economically maintained. The saw head is moved with a standard cable-drum system that only requires a 20 hp drive unit.

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      The AWMV 4250 SCH can reduce kerf, power consumption and cost, and blade and blade maintenance costs. Reduced operating costs and higher yields can improve profits.

      “It can run as the primary head rig, a grade saw, a long log saw, or as a supplement to a breakdown line,” said Kevin Corder, vice president of AWMV.

      The vertical band mill is also available as a stationary model, the 4250VH, for integration into existing moving carriage mills to upgrade circle saws or bandsaws.

      AWMV also introduced a twin vertical band mill, the Twin Vertical Saw.

            For more information, call AWMV at (800) 522-5705 or visit

Course Set in Timber Buying, Harvesting

      The Forest Resources Association (FRA) will sponsor a short course in timber harvesting and procurement Sept. 7-11. The course will be taught at the Caterpillar Forest Products Training Center in Auburn, Alabama.

      The course is for entry-level to mid-level procurement personnel and land management foresters. The curriculum will cover purchasing and marketing timber, the importance of wood quality, tract harvest planning, logging cost analysis, best management practices, and more.

      For more information or to register, contact FRA south-central regional manger Jason Cutshall at (662) 722-1372 or e-mail

Lucidyne System Automates Grading

      The Lucidyne Technologies GradeScan system is a lineal scanner that can be installed directly behind a planer. It requires less than five feet of lineal space, including three feet for outfeed rolls.

      Boards are tracked from the planer to the lug chain by Lucidyne’s patented True-Q lumber queing system; no inks, sprays or other marking equipment is required.

      GradeScan takes over all decisions for knot and wane. Warp is measured on the lug chain when boards are relaxed.

      GradeScan offers proactive quality control to monitor scanner accuracy. Any one of the last 50,000 boards can be randomly pulled from a completed package to spot check grading accuracy and review the scanner solution, or batches of specifically targeted products can be collected automatically for detailed analysis.

      For more information, contact Lucidyne Technologies at (541) 753-5111, e-mail or visit

JoeScan Scan Head Provides Transverse, High-Speed Scans

      JoeScan has introduced the JS-20 WX scan head, a wide-angle laser scanner that delivers accelerated and precise profile measurements for transverse scanning of boards and cants.

      The JS-20 WX scan head is the latest in the JS-20 series developed by JoeScan, a leading manufacturer of laser scan heads for sawmills and other wood-products applications.

      “Given the importance of transverse scanning, JoeScan has engineered a product that is fast and accurate,” said company president Joey Nelson. “The JS-20 WX is capable of 650 profile measurements per second, with each profile containing up to 243 data points, and it is substantially faster.”

      The JS-20 WX provides accurate length, width and thickness measurements of boards and cants using one type of scan head. The transverse scans provide total surface coverage and improve recovery rates. With points located every 1/8-inch, the scanner provides more data and detects finer details and defects.

      The scanner is easily installed, requiring only 24V DC and an Ethernet connection for operation. It eliminates the need for additional custom computer and interface electronics.

      The JS-20 WX scan head features one-click, automatic calibration. It is designed to withstand extreme vibration and is fully sealed to keep out dust and moisture.

      JoeScan provides a 5-year defect warranty and a 10-year support policy on all its scan heads.

      For more information, call (306) 993-0069 or visit

Jackson Lumber Harvester Honors Becker for 30 Years

      Jackson Lumber Harvester Co. recently recognized William (“Bill”) Becker for 30 years of service with the company.

      Bill, executive vice president, was presented with a plaque by chairman Tom Meis at a luncheon ceremony.

      Bill joined the company as a purchasing agent in 1978. He transitioned into sales in the 1980s and has been the leading salesman for many years. He was promoted to assistant manager in 1986, elected vice president in 1990 and then executive vice president in 1991. Bill continues to be heavily involved in sales and marketing.

      On hand for the luncheon event honoring Bill were two retired Jackson employees, George Moats and Howard Peterson. Another Jackson retiree, Vern Snider, visited the company’s offices later that day to congratulate Bill.

      Wisconsin-based Jackson Lumber Harvester manufactures equipment for sawmills, scragg mills, wood shaving mills and biomass burners.

      For more information, call the company at 715) 926-3816 or visit

Baker Offers New Automated Stacker

      Baker Products has introduced a new automated board stacking system. The complete system accumulates boards, stacks them on a pallet, and discharges the loaded pallet onto dead rollers for forklift pick-up.

      The automated board accumulator accepts boards one at a time and transports them via chain conveyor across a programmable counter. Small stacks of boards are transported onto the board stacker accumulation area to form a row.

      When a row of boards is completed, the system picks up the row and moves it onto the waiting pallet. Hopper-fed cross members can be programmed to automatically divide the rows to a specified height or board count.

      With the optional pallet de-stacker and auto pallet loader, a loaded pallet is discharged automatically onto the dead rollers, and another pallet is automatically staged to keep continuously stacking more boards.

      The Baker automated board stacker can handle boards from 28 inches to 60 inches long, ¾-inch to 4 inches thick and from 3-1/2 to 6 inches wide.

      For more information, call Baker at (800) 548-6914 or visit

Dyna Products Acquires Bignell Machine Company

      Dyna Products has acquired the Bignell Machine Co. product line. Dyna will continue to market the Bignell name and is producing Bignell cutter heads and blades.

      Dyna Products manufactures equipment to support producers of rustic furniture and fencing materials. The company does not plan to continue all of the Bignell line but will specialize in Bignell chucker, pointer and domer heads and knives.

      Dyna Products also provides blade sharpening services and custom services for special heads or machinery.

      For more information, contact Dyna Products at (231) 734-4433.

Keystone Machinery Offers Grade Bandsaw

      Keystone Machinery has introduced the new model 2020 grade bandsaw.

      The saw is equipped with 36-inch steel wheels and runs 1-1/2-inch to 2-inch blades. It features an air cylinder with an adjustable blade tensioning system and flowing blade guide assembly from 6 inches to 20 inches wide.

      Other features include hydraulic hold-over arm, 6-foot powered heavy-duty steel infeed web with 3/8-inch-thick paddle and air powered outfeed hold-down.

      The Keystone model 2020 grade bandsaw has programmable logic control height adjustment with eight pre-sets and manual over-ride. The console control panel features touch-screen controls.

            For more information, call Keystone Machinery at (717) 859-4977 or visit

Peterson Sawmills Pass European Safety Review

      Peterson Portable Sawmills three main models – the All Terrain Sawmill, Winch Production Frame and Automated Swingblade Mill, as well as their latest release, Skillmill – have undergone an extensive safety assessment process. The Peterson portable sawmills meet or in many cases exceed the rigorous safety regulations of the European CE certification system, according to the company.

      The European CE certification system indicates compliance with mandatory safety requirements of the European Directives. To be awarded the CE mark, qualified engineers assess the construction and mechanics of the mills as well as the operation and potential risks to the operator. To underscore how safe Peterson mills already were, the company achieved CE certification without having to change the design or the way the mills work.

      Peterson mill safety precautions include an easily accessible emergency stop button that activates a clutch mechanism. This enables the operator to shut down the mill immediately if needed – if he sees a nail in a log, for example. Three additional safety guards are included, and a push-pull handle makes it easy for the operator to move the blade through the log.

      Peterson has developed comprehensive manuals and visual training aids that are provided to a new owner before he receives a sawmill. This allows the new owner time to familiarize himself with and learn the safety procedures in advance.

      Due to this focus on safety, Peterson Portable Sawmills has never had a serious accident involving one of its mills when the correct operating procedures have been followed, according to the company.

      Peterson also has a good safety record in its New Zealand manufacturing operations, according to the company. The company designed all workstations to reduce fatigue or straining, and the staff enjoys ongoing training, regular breaks, purified water and a comprehensive healthcare plan. Peterson has never had a major accident, hazardous spill or electrical fire in its plant.

      For over 17 years, Peterson Portable Sawmills has continually kept safety as the number one priority in the factory and in the field.

            For more information, call Aaron Kalan at Peterson Portable Sawmills toll-free at (877) 327-1471 or visit

Magazine Honors Fecon with Award

      Fecon was recognized by a magazine in Cincinnati, Ohio with an award honoring manufacturers.

      Cincy magazine’s Manny Award for new product development and innovation recognized Fecon’s Bull Hog® forestry mulching attachment.

      The criteria for the award was based on Cincinnati manufacturers that have significant success in creating new jobs, creative work places, designing new products, breakthrough developments and growth.

      The Bull Hog is a vegetation management attachment for skid steers, excavators, PTO and wheeled carriers. Applications include clearing or removing vegetation for rights-of-way, development, reducing fuel loads in forests, trails and access roads, control of invasive species, habitat improvement and more.

      Fecon also announced two personnel changes. Kevin McCann was named customer service manager. He comes to Fecon with 17 years of experience, most recently as general manager of product support for a major construction equipment supplier.

      Dick Benson was named Northwest regional manager; he will be responsible for northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Alaska. Dick formerly was regional manager for compact skid loaders and mini-excavators in addition to an independent rep to Fecon.

            For more information on Fecon, call (800) 528-3113 or visit