Richmond Expo Fuels Sales for Suppliers

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The East Coast Sawmill & Logging Equipment Exposition was a strong success.

RICHMOND, Va. — The East Coast Sawmill & Logging Equipment Exposition, always one of the strongest sawmill logging shows and usually the best pallet industry show, was a strong success.
The biennial trade show brings together suppliers of logging, sawmill and lumber remanufacturing equipment.
The success of the show, also known as the Richmond Expo, is measured by the sales registered by exhibitors at the show and soon after, said Mike Washko, director of the event, which is sponsored by the Virginia Forest Products Association and the Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension Service.
“If exhibitors are selling equipment or getting strong leads that result in sales down the road…it’s a successful show,” said Mike. “That’s what happened.” He received feedback following the trade show from dozens of suppliers.
The staff of Industrial Reporting Inc., which publishes TimberLine, polled many exhibitors at this year’s show, which was held in May. With few exceptions, they reported it was one of the strongest shows in many years.
Attendance was about 10,000, not counting spouses and children ­­— a little more than the 2004 Richmond Expo. The figure includes representatives of exhibiting companies. People attended from 45 states and 20 foreign countries.
“We’re not about quantity,” added Mike. “It’s about quality.”
“We brought buyer and seller together again successfully.”
Three hundred and forty-three suppliers had booths or exhibits at the trade show, virtually the same as the 2002 trade show, which is held on the grounds of Richmond International Raceway. Ex­hibitors range from manufacturers of logging machines to industrial sawmill equipment, remanufacturing machinery, grinders, firewood processors, pallet recycling equipment and pallet nailing machines, and host of periphery equipment and services. Exhibits are staged both indoors and outside and include static displays of equipment as well as ‘live’ machinery demonstrations.
It was a very safe, smoothly administered show, added Mike. The service contractors did a good job, and for the first time in recent years, he noted, the show enjoyed fair weather and was devoid of rain.
“The feedback I got was all positive,” said Mike. “I didn’t get any feedback that was negative…We just look forward to doing it again in 2008.”
Two educational opportunities related to the use of small trees in the forest products industry were held in Richmond in the days immediately preceding the Richmond Expo.
A three-day conference on woody biomass and utilization of small diameter trees, dubbed SmallWood 2006, included one day of plant tours.
In addition, Virginia Tech conducted a one-day short course on manufacturing and marketing products from lower quality and small diameter trees.
Below and on the following pages are brief announcements about suppliers who exhibited new or improved machinery products at the Richmond Expo.
The next Richmond Expo will be held in the spring of 2008.