Product Profiles – May 2006

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New products/services and supplier announcements from Fecon, KMC, Paul Bunyan, Cutting Edge, PRS, Timberland and Jo Saw.

FECON Offers Stump Grinding Attachment
FECON Inc. recently introduced the SH340 Stump Hog for reaching up and down slopes and other areas that are not accessible by traditional stump grinding equipment.
The FECON SH340 is a stump grinding attachment for hydraulic excavators. Excavator-based stump grinders are more productive then traditional stump grinders, in part because they can move stump to stump more efficiently.
The FECON SH340 has 90 cutting tools with large, thick carbide tips that are patterned for maximum cutting action while protecting the wheel and each other from wear and foreign materials. The 33-inch by 4-1/2-inch wide tip-to-tip cutting wheel utilizes the SANDVIK DURA Disk™ II Stump Cutting System. Tools are easily and independently changed with an impact wrench.
The FECON SH340 requires as little as 40 gpm when powered by a 20-ton excavator and can accommodate up to 100 gpm when powered by FECON’s self-contained Power Pack. It also features complete plumbing with built-in hydraulic motor protection for plug-and-go installation.
For more information, call (800) 528-3113 or visit

KMC-KOOTRAC Adds 2 Machines
KMC-KOOTRAC is expanding from timber harvesting equipment to other applications for the forest products industry.
The company’s well-known KMC Track Skidder design is now available in two new machines for wildfire prevention and suppression
The KMC Mulcher-Grinder features a rear engine, hydrostatic drive and front (or rear) mounted mulcher attachment. It is a highly maneuverable machine capable of brush clearing and major fuel reduction in both timber harvesting areas as well as on land development projects.
With the KMC track and suspension system, this machine can work on steep slopes to 50%, moderately wet or boggy ground or on environmentally sensitive soils where conventional rubber-tired or rigid track framed vehicles cannot.
KMC-KOOTRAC specializes in manufacturing machines specifically for individual customer requirements – from 200-400 hp and with hydrostatic or mechanical drive power train.
The KMC Fire Tracker unit is equipped with a six-way angle-tilt dozer blade, a 1.250 gallon water tanker, a 20 gallon foam retardant tank, a high pressure fire pump, a high volume loading pump and an electric hose reel with 200 feet of 1-inch lined hose.
According to KMC-KOOTRAC, the KMC Fire Tracker is a speedy and maneuverable off-highway vehicle to be used as an initial fire attack unit, a prescribed burn stand-by unit, or a mop-up unit in areas where other vehicles cannot work efficiently.
For more information, call (800) 562-5303 or visit the Web site at

Paul Bunyan Show Moves to Cambridge, Ohio for 2006
The Paul Bunyan Show, sponsored by the Ohio Forestry Association, will change its location starting in 2006.
The annual trade show will be held Oct. 6-8 in Cambridge, Ohio. The Paul Bunyan Show previously was held in Nelsonville, Oh.
In another change, the event will no longer be associated with any other group or organization other than the Ohio Forestry Association, original owner of the trade show that debuted in 1957.
The Paul Bunyan Show will continue to feature displays and exhibits of logging and sawmill equipment as well as the following activities: state and international lumberjack competitions, log skidder and loader competitions, educational seminars, horse skidding contest, entertainment, and more.
For more information about the Paul Bunyan Show or to register, call (614) 497-9580 or visit the Web site at

Cutting Edge Offers New Bandsaw Blade
Cutting Edge Technologies introduced the new ‘Washington’ bandsaw blade especially designed for green wood.
Traditionally tipped blades have been too expensive for the green wood market. However, innovations from Cutting Edge Technologies, especially related to grinding techniques, enable the company to offer this unique blade design at a very competitive price.
The Washington blade features a combination of unique properties that result in wood with a very smooth finish.
The first step of the manufacturing process is to prepare the backing material for the folded and welded-on tooth. This is done by grinding small pockets into the steel band. Then the carbide tipping alloy is folded and welded to the backing material. The blade is then processed through several side and profile grinding processes. Cutting Edge Technologies uses only diamond grinding wheels in its production machines. Variable tooth spacing reduces harmonic vibrations.
The technology of the blade is very similar to table saw blades. The smooth surface finish in many cases eliminates the need for planing or sanding the wood prior to sale.
The Cutting Edge Technologies Washington saw blade has a unique cutting action. Since the tooth is completely flat on the top and is designed with a small front-to-back and top-to-bottom clearance angle, the results are very even with straight cuts even through knots or difficult wood grain.
In addition, since the blade does not cut with a point like standard blades, the kerf is a lot smaller, increasing yield.
The tooth material is very durable and should outlast ‘set’ blades, according to Cutting Edge Technologies. In addition, the Washington blades can be resharpened many times and will perform as good as new.
For more information, call (800) 234-1976.

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PRS Adds High Volume Optimax Trim Saw Model
Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) has added a high capacity version of its popular Optimax trim saw.
The new model, the PRS Optimax MP, is designed for high production single end-trimming of material up to 3×4, both new and recycled boards.
The new, improved design includes many features to increase production and ergonomics, the company said.
For more information, call PRS at (866) 546-8864 or visit the Web site at

Timberland Big Jake Makes 3-Sided Cants
Timberland Machinery manufactures machinery and equipment for the pallet and sawmill industries, including the company’s Big Jake scragg mill.
The Big Jake scragg mill can process up to 12 short logs per minute into a three-sided cant. It accepts logs ranging from 36-60 inches long and can be modified to process logs up to 20 feet long. The Big Jake scragg mill has a hands-free log positioner for safety.
Timberland Machinery also is developing a new version of the Big Jake scragg mill that will produce a four-sided block from short logs.
Timberland Machinery also manufactures a stringer notcher, trim saw, and a new double-deduster to clean both surfaces of the board. Other machinery products include belts, rollcases, chain decks, and more.
Timberland Machinery also has a selection of used sawmill machinery and equipment for sale.
For more information, call Timberland Machinery at (417) 255-0546 or visit the Web site at

Jo Saw Offers Circular Blade Special ’til June 30
Jo Saw & Supply Inc. is offering a sale on disposable 10x40T circular saw blades through June 30. The company’s special price on these blades is $9.50.
Jo Saw & Supply manufactures and supplies circular and bandsaw blades. It offers bandsaw blades, including BI-metal carbon blades, for pallet dismantling machines and band resaws.
For more information or to order, call Jo Saw & Supply at (888) 869-9363 or e-mail