Product Profiles – December 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from L-M Equipment, CTR, Schwerdtle, USNR and Pallet Chief.

L-M Equipment Co. Offers New Verticut Package Saw
L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. (Canada) has introduced its second generation Verticut P4 package cross-cut system.
The new system offers triple package loading, programming and cutting. It can process three 8-foot bundles of lumber to precision end trimmed stud length in less than 13 minutes.
The L-M Equipment Verticut P4 is equipped with a new, state-of-the-art measuring system to ensure precise carriage placement, cut after cut.
L-M Equipment continues to manufacture the Verticut PF with such standard features as the FACT cutting technology.
For more information, call L-M Equipment Co. at (604) 431-8800 or e-mail

New CTR 320 Designed For Quick, Easy Delimbing
The new CTR 320 delimber features a wide, V-shaped throat opening that funnels logs into place for fast, easy loading and delimbing.
Introduced by the forestry and industrial equipment division of Blount, Inc., the CTR 320 incorporates other innovations, such as an automatic chain tensioner, to increase productivity and reduce maintenance time. The CTR 320 features three knives and a 20-inch throat opening to accommodate multiple stem softwood, large pine and medium hardwood.
Earlier this year, Blount introduced the CTR 426 on the same design platform, which has four knives and a 26-inch throat opening.
The CTR 320 has all the same design advancements of the 426 in a more compact machine. The clean, ribbed structure is designed to stand up to daily delimbing. There are no weld joints in high load areas and the rigid, skeletal design disperses the stress generated during delimbing from the knives down and out through the cradle mounting.
The automatic chain ten­sioning system maintains the proper chain tension at all times. “This increases the logger’s productivity because he doesn’t have to spend time manually adjusting the chain,” said Herb McClure, Blount product manager. “The chain and bar last longer because there is less heat build-up.”
The CTR delimbers have a unique roller adjustment system. Lead screws in the base control a sliding wedge that raises and lowers the roller. This patent-pending innovation prolongs the life of the bearing and the bearing bolt.
Several design advancements cut maintenance time, including a central lube bank, hinged maintenance covers and an 8¼-gallon chain oil reservoir that is located in the cradle and accessible at ground level.
For more information or to locate a dealer, call (919) 269-7421 or visit Blount’s Web site at

Schwerdtle Develops New Alloy for Pallet Branders
Schwerdtle Stamp Co., which manufactures dies for branding pallets, has developed a new alloy for superior branding results. The new dies are suitable for branding pallets with the IPPC mark or other labels.
The new alloy achieves a good balance of properties. It performs well at higher temperatures, creates excellent branding results, and can be cut with special CNC tooling.
The new alloy can be engraved with fine detail, and it has been shown to give good, clean imprints at high production speeds. It also is durable and attains a long life, according to the company.
Schwerdtle Stamp Co. developed the new die for use with automatic pallet nailing machines because of the harsh working environment for branding dies. At higher temperatures, most metals flatten and deform, oxidize and flake during use.
For more information, contact Schwerdtle Stamp Co. at (800) 535-0004 or visit the Web site at

Michigan Logger Wins 6th Loader Championship
Chad Miskovich of Wakefield, Mich. won the Prentice Loader Championship for the sixth straight year at the Lake States Logging Congress in Marquette, Mich.
His winning time in the loader contest was 2 minutes and 11 seconds, which was 30 seconds faster than his championship-winning time last year.
One hundred and twenty-seven loggers competed this year for the 33rd annual championship, which is sponsored by Blount forestry and industrial equipment.
The contest requires loggers to move stumps from one checkerboard to another. The machine used in the contest was a Prentice 124 A-frame self-loader for the pulpwood and short log market.
Eric Shamion of Iron River, Mich., won second place for the second consecutive year with a time of 2 minutes, 23 seconds. Brian Hartwig of Medford, Wisc. was third with a time of 2 minutes, 26 seconds.
The contest raised $1,350 for the Log-A-Load for Kids campaign through voluntary registration fees and Blount’s matching contribution. The campaign, sponsored by the Forest Resources Association, raises money for the benefit of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

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USNR TriCam Edging, Trimming in 49 Mills
USNR has installed its transverse TriCam edging and trimming systems at 49 mills worldwide.
USNR’s full-coverage 3D scanning is one of the most significant advances in transverse edging and trimming applications in the past 20 years, according to the company. It sees the entire surface of each piece, enabling the system to maximize yield and also improve overall appearance — resulting in higher lumber value.
USNR full-coverage 3D scanning is a radical departure from old, so-called ‘spot systems. Its new system uses dual laser line generators to scan the entire visible surface of the lumber.
Because the USNR full-coverage lasers capture complete surface data, including data from the sides of the lumber, there is no need for a light curtain and its associated computer hardware. USNR scan heads plug directly into one system computer. The technology provides 10 times the scan coverage with one-third less hardware.
For more information, call USNR headquarters in Washington at (360) 225-8267 or visit the Web site at

Pallet Chief Improves Nailing Equipment
Pallet Chief has made a number of recent improvements to its nailing machines. These new features include a board hold-down, floating gantry, lead board flusher, and anti-jamming switches on new Pallet Chief 3 and Pallet Chief 4 models. The same new features can be retrofitted to older Pallet Chief machines.
Pallet Chief offers four basic models of nailing machines that can assemble pallets from 34×34 to 58×58. Pallet Chief also will manufacture special size machines.
According to Pallet Chief, the Pallet Chief 1 can produce 200 pallets per day, and Pallet Chief 2, 300; the Pallet Chief 3 machine can nail 400 pallets per day and the Pallet Chief 4, more than 800.
Pallet Chief nailing machines are simple to operate; workers can lean to operate them without special educational requirements.
Pallet Chief equipment is backed by a five-year warranty and supported by Pallet Chief technical service.
For more information, contact Pallet Chief at (800) 339-2925, e-mail, or visit the Web site at