Product Profiles – October 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from Duratech, USNR, Wood-Mizer,, Morbark and Trace.

DuraTech Adds Grapple Loader to Tub Grinder
DuraTech Industries introduced the 3010 industrial tub grinder with grapple.
The 7000 series grapple loader has a 25-foot reach and a continuous rotating grapple for superior performance. All controls are in the cab, which raises 4 feet for an unobstructed view of material handling and loading. The easy-to-operate joystick controls and other controls are the fingertips of the operator.
“By adding a grapple to the 3010 industrial tub grinder, our customers can load it much faster, allowing them to be more efficient,” said Al Goehring, DuraTech marketing director.
The DuraTech 3010 industrial tub grinder is powered by a Caterpillar 525 hp Tier II diesel engine and features a PT-Tech HPTO 14 wet clutch. It also features a stacking conveyor with 50-degreee side-to-side swing, self-cleaning radiator screen, enclosed engine compartment for reduced noise levels, and an impact resistant laceless belly belt.
For more information, call DuraTech at (701) 252-4601 or visit the Web site at

USNR Sticker Stacker Innovative, Mill-Tested
USNR’s Lunden Stickering Stacker is the culmination of design innovation and mill-tested application.
USNR has improved the original Lunden design with the patented Quick-Cycle Stickering System and Break-away Sticker Lifter Arms. The advanced stacker design solves many issues, including chain stretch, lug timing, stick handling and maintenance issues.
The USNR system places stickers on the stacker forks and positions the lumber on top of the stickers when the carriage is cycled, resulting in uniform sticker alignment and packages. It is also fast; in green mill application, the USNR system has achieved stickering speeds ranging from 10 to 18 cycles per minute.
The USNR Lunden Stickering Stacker offers a host of other capabilities and options, including course-gapping, random width pullback, sticker unloading and more.
For more information, contact USNR at (360) 225-8267 or visit the Web site at

Wood-Mizer Introduces Lathe for Portable Mills
Wood-Mizer has introduced a lathe attachment for use with its portable sawmills in order to process logs into multi-sided or round wood components. The new Lathe-Mizer™ fits all Wood-Mizer portable sawmills except the L10 Ultra-Compact model.
The Lathe-Mizer is attached to the bed of the sawmill. It features an easy to use locking system to secure the log and is powered by a 1 hp 115 volt ac electric motor.
The log is turned one stage at a time, and the sawmill’s band blade is used to cut the sides. The pre-set locking positions can be used to cut three, four, six or eight sided posts.
The Lathe-Mizer can be used to make components for furniture, stairs, porches, decks, fencing, and other projects.
The Lathe-Mizer can be used with logs up to 13 inches in diameter and 8 feet, 4 inches long. It can produce multi-sided components ranging from 3-13 inches in diameter and round components as small as 3 inches in diameter.
For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at

Kiln-Direct.Com Adds New Heat-Treatment Unit has introduced its latest solution for heat treating pallets, the Complete Back Wall unit, to meet the increased demand for heat treatment units.
The Complete Back Wall is designed to hold up to one and one-half to two truckloads of pallets. It combines the benefit of a nearly turn-key design with lower construction costs. Since the remaining structure is built on-site by the customer, it has the advantage of being shortened and-or widened to best suit the customer’s needs. The Complete Back Wall will also provide a less costly solution when longer transport is needed. has more than doubled production of its Complete Pallet Kiln design during the last four months and continues to see its production at an all time high. In addition, has made several improvements to the Complete Pallet Kiln that make it more user friendly and less expensive to install. has sold well over 150 units. The company would like to thank its customers for this achievement and looks forward to servicing new customers in the near future.
For more information, contact at (910) 259-9794 or visit the Web site at

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Morbark 7600B Hog Designed for Volume
Morbark has incorporated new design features into the model 7600 wood hog to create the model 7600B, a powerful, innovative high volume horizontal grinder.
Morbark is manufacturing the machine for land-clearing contractors and businesses that produce large volumes of mulch. The grinder, nicknamed ‘Boss Hog,’ has power options to 1,000 hp and can reach production rates up to 600 yards per hour, depending on material.
The Morbark 7600B wood hog features the Morbark Iqan feed system, a variable system that automatically adjusts feed rates, pressures and feed wheel positions top optimize production and engine efficiency. The hammermill design features a laser-cut mill with an 18-hammer pattern with raker design.
Other improvements include a larger discharge area, internal drive on the feed yoke, redesigned grate door system and added steel gussets. The Morbark 7600B wood hog also features wireless remote control, hydraulic dual-fold discharge conveyor, self-contained air compressor and full break-away torque limiter system.
A satellite modem option is available to provide a wireless link between the grinder and a service center. This option allows diagnostics and technical adjustments via satellite link.
For more information, call Morbark at (800) 831-0042 or visit the Web site at

Trace Offers Wood Shear to Cut Lumber
Trace Equipment Corp. has introduced a wood shear for cutting lumber to length. It is designed and built for processing both hardwood and softwood material, new and recycled lumber.
The new Trace wood shear can slice through wet or try lumber, and low-grade or damaged material. It also cuts through nails in recycled material.
The new Trace wood shear benefits pallet recyclers because it saves on blade costs; the machine can operate on the same shear blades for two years, according to Trace Equipment.
Another benefit of the Trace wood shear is that the slicing action does not generate sawdust.
The Trade wood shear has a stationary lower blade and a hydraulically powered upper blade for accurate, reliable wood processing. It features a well guarded blade and double palm controls for safety.
For more information, call Trace Equipment at (877) 778-7223 or see the company’s Web site at