Product Profiles – September 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from G-Tek, ReTech, Tigercat, Becker Underwood and Duratech.

G-TEK Develops Vertical Double-Arbor Gang Saw
G-TEK Industries has developed a new vertical, double-arbor gang saw.
The new machine is designed to provide gang saw reliability for processing three-sided slabs. It also will rip square cants and boards.
G-TEK’s standard vertical, double-arbor gang saw can process 3-1/2-inch and 5-1/2 inch wide material at the same time. It has a kerf range of .145 to .160 using 12-inch diameter blades. Feed speeds range from 30-100 feet per minute, depending on type of material being resawn.
When used for processing slabs, the slabs are powered through the machine by a series of aggressive vertical feed rolls with no overhead feeding apparatus. This eliminates trash problems associated with processing slabs, according to G-TEK.
For more information, contact G-TEK at (800) 643-4835, fax (270) 377-3074, or visit the Web site at

Vecoplan Adds New ReTech RG 42U XL Rotary Grinder
The ReTech RG 42U XL rotary wood grinder from Vecoplan is designed specifically for size reduction of wood residue, trim blocks, panel scraps, cabinet and furniture parts, pallets, dunnage and other wood waste.
The RG 42U XL has a hopper opening of 42 inches by 50 inches and a hopper volume of 3.1 cubic yards. It features a 14-inch rotor diameter, 54 40×40 cutters, and a 2 hp two speed hydraulic feed ram.
The grinder is powered by a 60 hp drive motor, and the machine has a rotor speed of 120 rpm. The RG 42U XL rotary wood grinder weighs 8,500 pounds.
For more information, contact Vecoplan at (336) 861-6070, fax (336) 861-4329, e-mail or visit the Web site at

Tigercat Brings Out New Series of Feller-Bunchers
Tigercat has introduced the first run of its new 860C feller-bunchers, phasing out the successful 860/870 series machines.
The new Tigercat C-series carrier has undergone a ground-up redesign focusing on improved service access, cooling capacity and operator comfort.
The new Tiger­cat C-series line-up includes the 860C, 870C and L870C feller-bunchers, the H860C harvester, S860C shovel logger and D860C delimber carrier — all based on a common platform. The common platform provides the advantages of common service parts and technical training across a wide range of products.
Highlights of the new C-series design include an advanced cooling system, a new operator’s cab and a redesigned engine house.
The 860C/870C machines are equipped with a hydraulically driven, automatic variable speed, reversible cooling fan. Because the fan speed is matched to the cooling demand, fuel consumption is reduced and cold weather operation is improved. The reversing cycle keeps the air intake area and cooling cores clean. The air intake is at the rear of the machine for reduced debris loading in summer and reduced icing in winter.
The operator’s station has been completely redesigned. The full-length front windshield serves as the primary entry-exit. The increased window area affords excellent visibility. The spacious, well finished interior has generous storage space behind the operator’s seat for a lunch cooler.
The C-series carriers are powered by a 280 hp Cummins QSL9 Tier II engine operating at 1,800 rpm for longer engine life. The entire roof enclosure retracts clamshell style, providing full access to the engine. A large, hinged door provides additional quick access to the engine compartment. A manually tilting enclosure provides access to the pump stack.
The 860C, 870C, L870C feller-bunchers and the H860C harvester are equipped with Tigercat’s patented ER boom system, which increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue. The boom extends and retracts on a horizontal plane using a single joystick. The energy transfer system reduces fuel consumption.
For more information, call Tigercat at (519) 442-1529, visit the Web site at, or contact a Tigercat dealer.

Becker Underwood Offers Chrome Replacement Blades
Becker Underwood has introduced new chrome blades for its Sahara X-series and Second Harvester mulch coloring systems. The new chrome plated blades reduce surface tension or friction, resulting in less wear and longer blade life.
The new chrome blades are expected to last at least twice as long as standard replacement blades, according to Becker Underwood, reducing maintenance and improving efficiency and profitability for mulch coloring operations.
Becker Underwood also supplies mulch colorants and other products.
For more information, call Becker Underwood at (800) 232-5907 or visit the Web site at

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DuraTech Develops Model 6000 Horizontal Grinder
DuraTech has introduced a horizontal grinder, the model 6000.
The DuraTech model 6000 horizontal grinder is equipped with a 12,000-pound, 51-inch hammermill that is fed by a self-governing apron and feed roller through a 60-inch opening. The hopper capacity is 315 cubic feet to handle the largest stumps and trees.
“Our customers asked for a horizontal grinder, and we have once again delivered,” said Al Goehring, marketing director for DuraTech Industries International.
The DuraTech model 6000 horizontal grinder is powered by a Caterpillar 630 hp Tier III diesel engine. It features a wet clutch, self-cleaning radiator screen, 48-inch wide radial stacking conveyor, stacking conveyor with 50-degree side-to-side swing, and 10-groove belt drive system. The machine weighs 81,750 pounds.
For more information, contact DuraTech at (701) 252-4601.