Product Profiles – August 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from Wood-Mizer, Baker and PRS.

A Product Profile in the July issue of TimberLine incorrectly indicated that Wood-Mizer’s new LT10 portable band sawmill is equipped with a pressured blade lubrication system.
The new sawmill’s 7.8 engine features a pressured lubrication system.
For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at

Baker Employees Award Scholarships to Two Grads
Baker Products recently awarded college scholarships to two students who graduated at a local high school in the community of the Ellington, Mo.-based company.
The scholarships were funded by contributions from Baker Products employees. More than 90% of Baker Products employees donated money to the scholarship program.
The scholarships are first made available to immediate family members of Baker Products employees. If there are no eligible applicants from among the families of the company’s employees, the scholarships are made available to any graduating seniors at Southern Reynolds High School in Ellington who meet the requirements of the program.
The first two scholarships were awarded to Shaina Henderson and Matthew Hensel, whose fathers are employed by Baker Products. Clay Hedrick, a sales consultant for Baker Products and a member of the company’s scholarship committee, presented the scholarships at the Southern Reynolds High School graduation ceremony.
Company officials are expecting the scholarships to be even larger next year since the program got a late start this year.
In order to be eligible, students must maintain a 7.0 grade point average on an 11.0 scale or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. They must plan to attend a junior college, four-year college or university or an accredited technical school, and they must demonstrate participation in school, church and community activities.

Wood-Mizer Offers New Portable Sawmill
Wood-Mizer Products has introduced a new, manually-operated portable band sawmill. The new LT28 is designed for wood enthusiasts who want to saw part-time for a hobby or to supplement their income.
Wood-Mizer’s announcement of the LT28 was made just weeks after the company introduced another portable band sawmill, the ultra-compact, entry level LT10 model.
The Wood-Mizer LT28 sawmill is powered by an 18 hp engine. It can saw logs up to 32 inches in diameter and 21 feet long. It will cut up to 200 board feet per hour using a manual crank and walk-along sawing technique, according to Wood-Mizer. The LT28 comes standard with a trailer package.
The LT28 is available with a number of power equipment options. For example, the optional power feed replaces the manual crank with an electronic drive system, and the log deck package features manual winch, log turner and toe boards.
“The new LT28 is a simple mill to run that doesn’t sacrifice quality,” said Dave Mann, vice president of Wood-Mizer’s portable sawmill division. “As one of our entry level models, we anticipate that it will get many people started in portable sawmilling.”
For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the company’s Web site at

PRS Offers Auto Load Feature for Two Machines
Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) has developed a new automatic loading feature for its popular stringer sizer and stringer unstubber machines.
The new PRS auto load allows the stringer sizer and unstubber machines to receive stringers directly from the out-feed of chain-fed trim saws. It eliminates the cost associated with a worker manually feeding stringers to a machine.
The PRS auto load is controlled by a combination of electronic drive and plc technology and provides flexibility to fit many pallet recycling operations.
The PRS stringer sizer uses specialized cutters and a planing process to remove wood and nails, making recycled stringers a uniform height, and the unstubber compresses nail stubble.
For more information, contact Pallet Repair Systems at toll-free (866) 546-8864.

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