Product Profiles – July 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from Rayco, Sharp Tool, Duratech, Suffolk Machinery, Baker, Nature”s Reflections, Komatsu, Wood-Mizer, and Cord Master International.

Rayco RC-12 Has 12-inch Diameter Chipping Capacity
The Rayco Manufacturing Co. RC-12 brush chipper is powered by an 80 hp, 4 cylinder diesel engine. It has a 12-inch diameter chipping capacity and an intake rate of up to 130 feet per minute.
The Rayco RC-12 features a hydraulic engaged clutch that requires no adjustments. Automatic feed control and a large roller enhance feed performance. The discharge chute swivels 360 degrees and features an adjustable discharge deflector, and the frame is made of tough structural steel tubing.
Rayco Manufacturing offers a complete line of brush chippers and other equipment. The company offers other chipper models that range in chipping capacity from 6 inches to 20 inches in diameter.
For more information, call Rayco at (800) 392-2686 or visit

Sharp Tool Specializes in Carbide Cutting Tools
Sharp Tool Co. specializes in carbide cutting tools. The company stocks a wide range of circular saws, chipper knives, bits, shanks, grinding wheels and supplies. An extensive variety of carbide can be pre-tinned and shipped within 24 hours.
The company’s product line includes:
• carbide tips, strips, bars and blanks • industrial saws and knives • wide band saws and sash gangs • brush chipper knives • planer and jointer knives • teeth for notchers • corrugated back knives
Sharp Tool also specializes in repairing and-or sharpening worn or damaged circular saw blades. The company’s service technicians can replace carbide tips and make other welded repairs. In addition, if a blade cannot be repaired, Sharp Tool can custom manufacture a new one.
Sharp Tool also sells and services Wright Manufacturing and Simonds Industries saw and grinding equipment. The company provides a complete range of services, including equipment set-up, training and operator certification.
For more information, call Sharp Tool at (800) 221-5452 or visit the Web site at

DuraTech Introduces Track Tub Grinder
DuraTech Industries has introduced a new track tub grinder, model 3010T. It is designed for applications that require moving the grinder over rough terrain, such as land-clearing operations.
The DuraTech 3010T track tub grinder features 25 inches of under frame clearance and a 20-inch by 15-foot track system. It is powered by a Caterpillar C-15 463 hp Tier II diesel engine. The standard remote control system governs the engine, computer-operated HPTO wet clutch, Cat tracks, tub direction and stacking conveyor.
The grinder also features a self-cleaning radiator screen, an enclosed engine compartment to reduce noise, and an impact resistant laceless belly belt.
For more information, contact DuraTech at (701) 252-4601 or visit the Web site at

Suffolk Machinery Tooth Setter Has Added Benefits
Suffolk Machinery’s new second generation, dual tooth, semi-automatic setter is now capable of up-setting and down-setting.
The new dual tooth setter can set a 13-foot, 2-inch blade in two minutes, according to the company. It is designed to set blades 1-2 inches wide and with ¼-1/2-inch pitch. It sets teeth within 0.002-inch per side.
Suffolk Machinery’s new dual tooth setter bends only the top half of the tooth, which results in 10-30% faster feed rates, 10-30% more sawing time between sharpenings, and more sharpenings per blade, according to the company. A clamp-on set gauge is included.
Suffolk Machinery also has retrofit kits available for setters built from 1997-2004.
For more information, call Suffolk Machinery at (800) 234-7297 or visit the Web site at

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Baker 3667D Blue Streak Mill Cuts Big Logs, Jobs
The Baker Products model 3667D Blue Streak™ portable band sawmill was built to handle big logs and big jobs. It is versatile, easy to use, productive, and features heavy-duty, smart design.
Baker took its popular model 3638D sawmill and beefed it up with a 2-inch band blade and a 67 HP diesel engine; a 30 hp electric motor also is available.
Baker made a number of improvements to the new model. For example, the fuel tank is larger and more conveniently located between the bunks at the front of the mill. The head is more stable, raised and lowered on both sides at the same time with computer-controlled rack and pinion components. The throat height capacity has been expanded from 9-1/2 to 16 inches between the blade and the top of the throat.
The Baker model 3667 Blue Streak features larger, 28-inch diameter all-metal band wheels, full 36-inch cutting capacity, a dual chain-driven carriage and an easy-to-read measurement dial. Other features include variable-speed drive, hydraulic log loader, turner, clamps and toe rollers and board drag-back.
For more information call Baker Products at (573) 663-7711 or visit the Web site at

Cheetah Mulch Coloring Systems Offered in 3 Models
Nature’s Reflections, a division of Mulch Manufacturing Inc., offers three mulch coloring systems for the forest products industry.
The Cheetah coloring system is a new concept for coloring mulch and waste wood products. Using a rotating trommel with spray bars to apply colorant to mulch, the system can produce from 50 to 350 cubic yards of custom colored mulch per hour. The Cheetah, mounted on a skid, has demonstrated more efficient use of the coloring agent, using less water and producing a lighter finished product.
The Cheetah Cub coloring system is a scaled-down version of the original Cheetah and is fully portable. Using the same technology, it will color up to 125 yards of mulch per hour while using only 7 to 8 gallons of water per yard. A diesel-hydraulic powered version is also available with the capacity to produce 50-200 yards per hour.
The systems are simple to operate with speed control of the constant-flow hopper, water flow, and the amount of colorant being used; gauges continually show the flows of both water and colorant.
Nature’s Reflections also supplies a complete line of high quality, high yield colorants for mulch.
For more information, contact Mulch Manufacturing at (800) 837-4004 or see the Web site at

Komatsu Offers 4 Carriers
Komatsu America Corp. offers a family of four purpose-built machines for the forestry industry. They include a log loader (heel or butt-n-top types), a processor carrier, a stroke delimber carrier and a road builder.
The models PC200LL-7, PC220LL-7, PC270LL and PC300LL have superior track power, swing power and machine durability, according to Mike Murphy, logging product manager for Komatsu’s working gear group. The machines were based on the company’s Dash-7 excavator technology.
The Komatsu forestry machines are built standard with many protective and performance features formerly handled at aftermarket. They include revolving frame underguards, engine and pump sheet metal doors, battery box guards, walkways, heavy duty tow hooks, and other critical components. The new standard features reduce overall cost to the user and add durability.
Each machine features Komatsu’s patented load-sensing HydrauMind hydraulic system, which automatically adjusts machine operation to compensate for the difficulty of each given application. A hydrostatic drive system with three-speed travel, auto-shift function and planetary reduction final drive powers the machine. Additional track components have been upgraded to match the larger excavators, further aiding in maneuverability and power.
For more information, contact a local distributor, call (866) 513-5778 or visit the Web site at

Wood-Mizer Adds New Entry Level Portable Mill
Wood-Mizer introduced a new, entry level portable band sawmill. The new LT10 is the smallest in the company’s line of sawmills. Priced at $3,995, the LT10 is designed for hobbyists and can be broken down and stored in the corner of a garage.
The LT10 is powered by a 7.8 hp engine and features a pressured blade lubrication system. The manually operated sawmill will cut 55-100 board feet per hour, according to the company.
The LT10 can saw logs up to 24 inches in diameter and up to 11 feet long. An unlimited number of 7-foot bed extensions can be added for longer logs.
“Wood-Mizer wanted to design an entry level mill for weekend sawyers who love the idea of cutting their own lumber but want to minimize their investment,” said Dave Mann, vice president of the portable sawmill division. “This mill is a complete package and comes ready to saw.”
For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at

4 Second Cycle on Cord King Firewood Processor
The Cord King Compact firewood processor is designed for high volume firewood processing. With a circular cut-off saw and a 6-inch cylinder for splitting, it offers a cycle time of 4 seconds.
The Cord King Compact can produce more than 6,000 full cords of firewood in a normal working year (220 days), according to the company.
The Cord Master Compact is powered by a choice of an 80, 110 or 115 hp diesel engine or PTO and features a 16-30-foot hydraulic powered infeed conveyor. It can process logs from 4 to 27 inches in diameter, bucking them into to pieces from 12 to 24 inches long. With its various splitting blades, it can split a block of wood into two to 12 pieces. The trailer system features tandem axles with electric or hydraulic surge brakes. Optional equipment includes operator cab, custom splitting blades, off-loading conveyor and CD-cassette player.
The Cord King Compact firewood processor comes with a two year warranty.
Cord Master International has firewood processing machines in the U.S., Canada, South America, Australia and Europe.
More information, call (888) 219-9663 or visit the Web site at