Product Profiles – May 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from Amerimulch, Wood-Mizer, Lacey-Harmer Co., Komatsu Forest, Bandit Industries, CryoPlus Pacific-Hoe, Viking Engineering, Schwerdtle Stamp Co., Blount, and Papé Machinery.

Amerimulch Moves into Larger Plant
Amerimulch, which manufactures mulch coloring equipment and colorant, has moved into a new facility in Twinsburg, Oh. The move enabled the company to double production capacity. It also has twice the warehouse space in the new facility and has installed larger, faster and more accurate production equipment.
“We are signaling the colored mulch market that we are going to be a major force in the production of colorants and equipment for color-enhanced mulches for years to come,” said George Chase, president of Amerimulch, which is a division of ChromaScape Inc. “Our market keeps growing, and we are telling our customers that we will be ready to meet their needs now and in the future.”
For more information, call Amerimulch at (330) 425-4244 or see the company’s Web site at

N.Y. Man Wins Contest Sponsored by Wood-Mizer
Jason Smith, owner of Westbury Lumber in Red Creek, N.Y., was the grand champion winner of the Business Best Contest sponsored by Wood-Mizer Products.
The contest recognizes sawyers who operate successful businesses with their Wood-Mizer sawmills. It is divided into three categories based on the type of sawmill: manual, professional or high-production models. This year’s contest drew nearly 50 entries.
Jason’s company, now 10 years old, began with a portable Wood-Mizer sawmill set up in a vacant lot. It has evolved into a stationary grade hardwood sawmill business now equipped with a commercial LT300 mill from AWMV Industrial Products, a division of Wood-Mizer.
The other winners were Mike Gogo of Mike Gogo Cedar Mills in British Columbia and John Nieminen of Cooks Run Cedar in Iron City, Mich.
Wood-Mizer is a leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills. For more information on Wood-Mizer sawmills, call the company at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at

Orange Box Hopper Provides Self-Dumping
Lacey-Harmer Co. has developed a new self-dumping hopper called The Orange Box.
The Orange Box offers safe, hands-free operation. A unique gravity-activated door latch eliminates the need for hand trip levers or pushing a bin over. Workers can stay out of the way.
The Orange Box is useful, quick operating, and also may be used as a storage bin. It is available in sizes from ½-yard to 10 yards and also custom sizes.
For more information, including dealer inquiries, call Lacey-Harmer Co. at (800) 367-9992 or visit the Web site at

Komatsu Forest Unveils Valmet 765 Skidder
Komatsu Forest has introduced its new Valmet 765 single or dual arch skidder. The skidder provides feature-for-feature performance, economy and comfort along with exceptional value in the mid-size class, the company said.
The Valmet 765 skidder is powered by a Tier II Cummins QSB 5.9L engine with 205 hp at 2200 rpm. The engine provides excellent fuel economy by maximizing torque at low rpm and offers an extended torque curve to ensure power and performance to pull heavy loads.
The Valmet 765 skidder has a 151-inch wheelbase and is 128 inches wide with outboard planetaries to distribute the machine’s weight evenly, providing a low center of gravity and the ability to stick to slopes.
The torque converter transmission enables the Valmet 765 skidder to handle loads with speed and efficiency. It features six speeds forward and three in reverse for easy driving and a top speed of 18 mph. Front and rear on-the-go differential locks engage independently and provide maneuverability in difficult situations.
The grapple arch system provides a large work area to help gather and reposition large loads quickly or pick up stray stems easily. The grapple system features a single cylinder action with internal timing bar and continuous 360-degree rotation.
Ground level access and a tilt cab open the service points, engine, transmission and driveline components for fast routine maintenance or repairs. A hydraulically driven reversing fan keeps the grill clear and moves air through the four cooling sections.
For more information, contact Komatsu Forest at (715) 524-2820 or visit the Web site at

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Bandit Develops New Tooth For Beast Horizontal Grinders
Bandit Industries has developed a new, highly durable tooth for use in its line of Beast Recycler horizontal grinders. The new Helmet Head tooth has proven effective in a variety of applications while reducing operating costs.
The tooth’s carbide bit is shaped somewhat like a splitter tooth but is rounder; it also contains twice the amount of carbide, increasing durability.
The new Helmet Head tooth is being used successfully to grind crates, pallets, chunk wood, logging slash, brush and green waste, Bandit reported.
Initial testing was conducted by a company using the Helmet Head in grinding applications of orchard crates; tooth life exceeded 500 hours. The Helmet Head also has proven effective in grinding pallets with tooth life exceeding 400 hours.
For more information, call Bandit Industries at (800) 952-1078 or visit the Web site at

CryoPlus Stocks Treated Pacific-Hoe Chipper Knives
CryoPlus Pacific-Hoe cryogenically treated chipper knives have set new benchmarks for productivity and service life in the chipping industry, according to CryoPlus.
During the cryogenic process, these rugged knives are cycled from 300 degrees below zero to 300 degrees above zero temperature ranges. The process effectively tempers the special steel alloy of the CryoPlus Pacific-Hoe knives, significantly improving physical properties.
CryoPlus stocks four sizes of cryogenically treated chipper knives: 48 inches, 58 inches, 60 inches, and 66 inches.
For more information, call CryoPlus at (330) 683-3375.

Viking Develops New Automatic Pallet Stamp
Viking Engineering has developed a stamp for automatically printing permanent labels on pallets. It may be used with most Viking pallet nailing machines and other equipment.
The Viking pallet stamp is flexible to print on all pallet sizes and makes labeling and tracking easy. It repeats printing every 17 inches in characters that are ¾-inch to 1-inch high.
The Viking pallet stamp features long-lasting replaceable ink pads that are available in a variety of colors. Custom ink belts or standard characters may be used, and custom print belts make set-up fast and easy.
The Viking pallet stamp is priced at $1,460 for a single stamp and $2,650 for a double stamp, plus shipping and handling. Ink belt mats, characters and ink pads are sold separately.
For more information, contact Viking Engineering at (800) 328-2403 or visit the Web site at

Schwerdtle Offers Electric Branders to Mark Pallets
Schwerdtle Stamp Co. manufactures electric pallet branders for permanently marking IPPC treatment marks. The company offers both hand-held and press style models.
Schwerdtle electric pallet branders make legible marks that are sharp, dark brown. They are permanent and will not fade or wash off. Electric branders require no messy ink.
The Schwerdtle electric pallet brander can perform 30-60 brands per minute, according to the company.
For more information, call the Schwerdtle Stamp Co. at (203) 330-2750, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

New Delimber Offers Auto Hydraulic Tensioning System
Blount recently introduced the new CTR 426 four-knife delimber. It features an automatic hydraulic tensioning system for the topping saw to increase productivity and reduce chain maintenance.
When the saw is activated, the hydraulic system applies pressure to the tensioner arm to maintain ideal chain tautness while cutting, and then it relaxes the tension when deactivated. Because the chain is relaxed between cutting cycles, heat build-up is reduced, and the chain and bar can last longer, said Bruce Narveson, vice president of marketing.
With a 26-inch throat and four knives, the delimber loads quickly and accommodates multiple stem softwood, large pine and medium hardwood.
The knives are fabricated from Astralloy, a heat-treated steel, and are sharpened on both sides to allow push-pull delimbing, and hydraulic cushions on the three moving blade cylinders increase knife lift.
A new roller system makes it easier to adjust the rollers under the cradle; adjustments can be made from ground level.
For more information, call Blount at (919) 269-7421.

Papé Machinery Buys Nortrax West Assets
Papé Machinery has purchased the assets of Nortrax West — the Western region of Nortrax, a John Deere construction and forestry equipment dealer. Nortrax West has eight locations in northern California and western Nevada.
The acquisition substantially increases the territory of Papé Machinery, which is headquartered in Eugene, Ore. With the expansion, the company will have 20 locations in four states.
“The addition of these dealerships further strengthens our presence in markets where we already serve the capital equipment needs of customers with our Hyster, Bobcat and Ingersoll-Rand lines,” said Randy Papé, president and CEO of the Papé Group Inc.