Product Profiles – February 2005

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New products/services and supplier announcements from Komatsu, Iggesund Tools, Grizzly Industrial, Linc Systems, Ellison Sales, GBN, Advanced Recycling Equipment, Vecoplan, Corely, Rainier Hydraulics, and Chomper.

Komatsu Unveils New KomStat Line of Dozers
Komatsu America Corp. has introduced its KomStat II line of dozers. The machines are suited for grading work in construction, forestry and landscaping applications.
The three models of the KomStat II dozers are equipped with strong, Tier 2-compliant engines, electronic control hydrostatic transmission, and palm command control system for advanced grading ability and superior operator control.
The KomStat II dozers range in power from 75 hp to 95 hp with operating weight from 15,720 pounds to 19,620 pounds. They come standard with a power angle tilt blade or an optional narrow width power angle tilt blade. Track length is designed to provide a low center of gravity for improved stability and balance, increasing power and productivity.
The Komatsu electronic control hydrostatic transmission allows variable or intermediate speed selection. The variable speed selection provides the operator with 20 increments of speed adjustment while the intermediate speed selection provides three distinct speed ranges. Both modes allow the operator to properly match machine dozing speed to job site conditions.
The ergonomically designed palm command control system creates an improved operating environment. It reduces operator fatigue because short lever strokes respond quickly.
KomStat II dozers feature conveniently located maintenance points for quick, easy inspections. They also feature an onboard diagnostic monitoring system with various modes to track maintenance, pressures and temperatures.
For more information, visit the Komatsu America Web site at­

Iggesund Tools Announces Installations at Virginia Mills
Two mills in Virginia are installing technology from Iggesund Tools, the supplier announced.
Yancy Lumber in Crozet, Va. is installing an Iggesund Tools chipping head with Turnknife System on its new Land East Machinery reman edger. The company expects improved board finish and to eliminate knife grinding.
W.T. Jones Co. in Ruther Glen, Va. is installing an Iggesund Tools chipping head on a new Land East machinery reman edger.
Iggesund Tools specializes in reversible, disposable knife systems to produce high quality chips and boards.
For more information, call Iggesund Tools at (800) 654-1479 or visit the Web site at

Grizzly Resaw Provides Accurate, Consistent Cutting
The Grizzly Industrial 12-inch horizontal resaw provides accurate, consistent cutting in the hardest species of wood.
The Grizzly Industrial 12-inch horizontal resaw is powered by a 20 hp motor. It is equipped with 28-inch wheels and runs a 1-inch blade.
Other features include:
• hydraulic variable feed
• ceramic guides
• cast iron rollers with polyurethane tires
• two dust ports
• steel conveyor table
• rubber conveyor belt
• steel frame construction
Grizzly Industrial offers a wide range of woodworking machinery, equipment and tools. The company has showrooms in Washington, Missouri and Pennsylvania as well as a 546-page catalogue.
For more information, call Grizzly Industrial at (800) 523-4777 or visit the Web site at

Linc Systems Supplies Printers for H-T Labels
Linc Systems Inc. has introduced a line of pallet marking systems from its marking and coding division. The systems enable pallet manufacturers to apply the ALSC compliant heat-treated pallet code.
The system can print the heat-treatment code as well as company logo, alpha-numeric identification, date, time and shift codes inline as the pallet is conveyed past the print head – eliminating the need for a worker to manually stamp pallets after they have been stacked and stored.
Linc Systems Inc., a leading staple and nail distributor in the Midwest, offers pallet marking systems in coordination with Fox Jet, a subsidiary of ITW. The Fox Jet Pro Series printing system provides the following benefits:
• versatile mounting strategies
• user-friendly controller
• repairable print heads for maximum life
• low operating costs
• and patented Auto Priming System automatically self-primes and cleans each print head.
The Linc Systems marking and coding division, based in Indiana, offers an extensive line of coding products, including ink jet printers, automatic and semi-automatic labeling systems, bar code equipment, software, and a wide range of stenciling products.
For more information, call Linc Systems at (800) 513-9918 or see the company’s Web site at

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Ellison Sales Offers Replacement Parts for Montgomery Hogs
Ellison Sales Inc. has introduced an innovation for maintaining Montgomery wood hogs.
Ellison Sales supplies replaceable-tip hog hammers and lower teeth for the Montgomery machines. The hammers and teeth are precision machined out of special materials and designed to wear like hardfaced parts.
Replaceable-tip hog hammers and lower teeth from Ellison Sales eliminate hardface welding and grinding of hammers and shipping parts back and forth to suppliers in order to be rebuilt.
Ellison Sales has more than 30 years experience and provides prompt, reliable service. For more information, call Ellison Sales at (888) 244-0161.

GBN Offers Automatic Stencil to Mark Pallets
GBN Machine & Engineering Corp., which makes automated pallet nailing machines, stackers and other equipment, has developed a new stencil device which will print text and codes on pallets automatically.
The GBN automatic stencil eliminates messy ink loading, uses off-the-shelf parts, and features a quick change-over. It is made for durable performance and uses GBN’s Linear Bearing Technology.
GBN developed the first automatic stencil for Green Pallet in Westminster, Md., where it was installed with a new Excalibur pallet nailing machine.
“It keeps up with our 3,000-plus production and eliminates a person,” said Ron Green. “What more could you ask for?”
For more information, contact GBN at (800) 446-9871.

Advanced Recycling Offers Thermal Combustion Systems
Advanced Recycling Equipment offers the Challenger® line of thermal combustion systems.
The systems are designed to combust clean biomass waste with up to 50% moisture content, such as bark, MDF particleboard, agricultural by-products, and wood dust from sanding operations.
The Challenger thermal combustion systems range from 750,000 BTU per hour to 50 million BTU per hour. They meet or exceed all state, federal or global environmental regulations.
Advanced Recycling Equipment also supplies a complete line of material and air handling systems that can be custom designed for specific applications.
In addition, Advanced Recycling Equipment manufactures the Challenger® line of grinders, offering over 70 models for every customer requirement.
For more information, contact Advanced Recycling Equipment at (800) 611-6599 or visit the Web site at

Vecoplan Manufactures Wood Grinding Equipment
Vecoplan, which invented the single-shaft rotary grinder, is a leader in size reduction machinery and systems technology. It manufactures a wide range of wood grinders, plastic grinders, single and multiple shaft shredders, metal detection and separation systems, conveying systems, loading systems as well as full turn-key system design and installation.
Vecoplan wood grinders are built to be rugged, reliable and affordable. They feature a patented cutting rotor for consistent chips, high output and long wear. They are suitable for all types of wood grinding applications, including whole pallets and pallet parts, blocks, slabs and bark.
Vecoplan wood grinders are equipped with large hoppers for dump-and-run feeding; horizontal models also are available. They feature low-speed operation, inexpensive four-sided cutting inserts, and a precise, rugged hydraulic ram system.
Vecoplan offers complete design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, parts and service.
For more information, call Vecoplan at (336) 861-6070 or visit the Web site at

Corley Marks 100th Anniversary Serving Sawmill Industry
Corley Manufacturing is observing its 100th anniversary as a supplier of sawmill machinery and equipment in 2005. The company was founded in 1905 by A.J. Corley Sr. in Chattanooga, Tenn. and has designed and manufactured sawmill machinery exclusively since then.
Corley Manufacturing produces a line of computer-controlled, precision machinery designed to yield optimum, accurate lumber from sawn logs.
The company’s line of machine systems includes log carriages equipped with scanning and computer-driven linear positioners for optimization at the head rig, computerized linear positioner linebar arrangements for accurate, high production grade sawing at the resaw, scanning-optimizing board edgers, and pre-positioning trimmer-grading systems.
Corley Manufacturing also produces individual machines, including hydraulic bar-type log turners, conventional carriages, band mills, chipping head rigs, carriage feed drives, edgers and conveying equipment.
Corley Manufacturing also provides ‘turnkey’ design, manufacture and installation of complete sawmills, including foundations and buildings and electrical service.
Corley Manufacturing remains a family business with third and fourth generation members of the Corley family active in engineering, manufacturing and management.
For more information, call Corley Manufacturing at (423) 698-0284.

Rainier Chomper Processes Firewood Logs Automatically
The Chomper model 16PDA is a fully automatic firewood processor manufactured by Rainier Hydraulics Inc.
The Rainier Hydraulics Chomper firewood processor features a patented action that uses only two moving parts to perform four major functions: automatic feeding, cutting logs to firewood length, splitting, and discharge into a conveyor.
The Chomper cuts firewood logs with a shear blade. The benefit of the shear is that it eliminates frequent sharpening and maintenance – and down time — associated with bar saws.
The Chomper has a hydraulic winch that pulls tree-length logs into the processor at ground level, eliminating the need for loading and handling equipment to move logs onto a deck.
For more information, call Rainier Hydraulics at (800) 457-9136 or visit the Web site at