Wagner Introduces New Moisture Meter for In-Kiln Use

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New moisture meter helps with grade recovery

Wagner Electronics introduced a new moisture meter—the Model MC4000 In-Kiln Moisture Meter—earlier this year.
“Again, this system is related to grade recovery,” said Joe Stuart, application specialist for Wagner. “If a company can improve their grade recovery, they can improve their bottom line.”
Wagner recommends that up to nine of the MC4000 sensors be mounted in the kiln. Each sensor has a set of leads attached to two plates. The kiln operator slides each pair of plates into a pack of lumber so that they are about 30 inches apart. The moisture content is measured between the two plates during the drying process.
“You can actually watch each sensor on the screen at the computer, and you can watch the moisture content coming down on the screen,” Joe said.
“One thing you can do is enter a pre-set moisture content. When the moisture content average for all the sensors gets to that moisture content, it will trigger a signal. It may send an e-mail to the kiln operator or sound an alarm, and it will tell you when to pull that kiln. It can also send a message to a kiln control that will shut down the kiln. It has the potential for being a huge money saver.”