Product Profiles – November 2003

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New products, services and announcements from Anver Corp, Simonds, International Knife & Saw, Iggesund Tools, Partek Forest,Morbark, Concept Products.

Vacuum Lifter Easily Moves Planks, Splits Logs

Anver Corp. has developed a new series of wood plank lifters that feature remote power stations and allow one person to handle and move heavy wood planks and split logs.

The Anver WP-Series wood plank lifters may be equipped with two or four durable foam seal vacuum pads that adjust along a frame and are sized with adequate suction flow to handle cracks, crevices and knots in wood. With remote power stations, the under-the-hook lifting frame enables one person to easily handle rough wood planks and split logs up to 1,000 pounds.

The Anver WP-Series wood plank lifters are available with remote air or electric power packs. They have two parking stands to keep the foam seal vacuum pads off the floor when the lifter is stored. The frames can be custom configured in a variety of sizes, and the foam seal pads are available in various materials.

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For more information, contact Anver Corp. at (800) 654-3500 or visit the Web site at

Simonds, International Knife & Saw to Merge

Simonds Industries plans to merge with International Knife and Saw. The merged business will be named Simonds International Corp. and will offer cutting tools and related products for the wood, pulp, paper, metal and other industries.

Simonds also plans to recapitalize the company in order to significantly reduce debt, opening the way for renewed investment to continue business momentum. The company’s lenders have agreed to a debt-for-equity exchange to accomplish the recapitalization.

For more information, call Simonds at (800) 343-1616 or visit the Web site at

Partek Forest Launches EX Series Harvesting Machines

Partek Forest has developed its next generation EX-series machines for Valmet and Timbco tracked carriers. The EX and EXL (cab leveling) machines are the evolutionary blend of Valmet and Timbco concepts and technology.

Sisu diesel engines power the new EX-series machines. They generate maximum torque at very low rpm, allowing the engine to run cool, reducing noise and vibration, and conserving fuel. Cummins engines are optional.

Changes include an ergonomically designed cab interior with new fully integrated controls and gauges mounted in a non-glare dashboard. New digital controls are central to the machine design changes and replace the hydraulic pilot lines previously located in the cab. The digital controls are more reliable in climate extremes and keep the operator compartment clean, cool, and free of hydraulic fluid leaks.

The EX-series integrates machine control into an easy-to-use operator interface in both harvesting and feller-bunching applications. The system allows the operator to manage engine performance and precisely control hydraulic functions with digital fingertip ease. The controls are user friendly and easy to learn. They adjust for individual operator preferences and can be set for multiple operators and provide trouble-shooting capabilities. They also have built-in safety features that can prevent operator overuse and catastrophic machine breakdowns.

The EX-series ‘next generation’ control system allows the operator to take advantage of horsepower limiting, which improves fuel economy and efficiency of major systems. Horsepower limiting also delivers smoother performance and increased productivity while extending machine life.

Each machine is mounted on a Timbco purpose-built carbody and track-drive system that features independent closed-loop hydrostatic drives. They feature set-back boom design, which acts as its own counterweight. Harvester and feller-buncher boom sets range from 21-feet, 5 inches to 30-feet, 11-inch reach. The EXL models come standard with Timbco’s two-cylinder, four-way leveling system.

The EX-Series models include the 415 EX (215 hp) mounted on Cat D5 size track system, the 425 EX and EXL (260 hp, 300 hp is optional) D6 size, 445 EX and EXL (260 hp, 300 hp optional) D7 size, and the 475 EX and EXL counterweight machine (260 hp, 300 hp optional) mounted on D7 size.

For more information, contact Partek Forest at (715) 524-2820 or visit the Web site at

Morbark Adds New Chiparvestor Model

Morbark has introduced the new model 2355 Flail Chiparvestor. It features a number of innovations for chipping operations.

The Morbark 2355 Flail Chiparvestor is equipped with many state-of-the-art features that enable it to produce clean pulp and paper chips at high rates – even when processing pre-commercial thinnings, non-merchentable and juvenile timber. The operator can set flail rpm from zero to 600, depending on conditions.

Standard features include an enclosed, weatherized operator’s cab with heating and air conditioning, twin disc hydraulic clutch, twin auger discharge, two hydraulic tanks for enhanced oil cooling and telescoping debris conveyor. An optional third flail drum greatly increases delimbing and debarking efficiency.

For more information, contact Morbark at (989) 866-2381 or visit the Web site at

Concept Products Offers New Portable Grinder

Concept Products has introduced its Shred-All 5600 wood series portable grinder. The new machine, with a horizontal infeed, can produce mulch that is ready to color in one pass. Variable screen sizes are available.

The Shred-All 5600 is small enough to be towed by a pick-up truck. For more information, contact Concept Products at (610) 722-0830 or visit the Web site at