Product Profiles – September 2003

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New products and services or supplier announcements

Log Max Names Hahne Service Rep for 2 Regions

Log Max Inc. has appointed Patrick Hahne as a technical support-service representative for the Lakes States and Southeast regions.

Patrick will serve customers with a fully-equipped Ford F250 for on-site service and support. He will help Log Max customers with start-ups, training and follow-up support and also provide assistance to Log Max dealers.

Log Max offers four harvesting-processing heads — the 3000, 5000, 7000 and 9000. The Log Max 12000 will be introduced in 2004. The company also is committed to providing strong service and support.

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Mason Logging of Rathdrum, Idaho said, “We chose our Log Max because everyone told us what a great head it was, and the service was outstanding. They were all correct in their comments. For more information, contact Log Max at (360) 699-7300.

CBI Annihilator Shredder Ready for Demonstrations

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) introduced its new Annihilator shredder — nick-named the MOAS, Mother of All Shredders — at WasteExpo recently in New Orleans. The company has completed testing of the new machine and it is ready for demonstration.

The CBI Annihilator is designed as a primary shredder for all types of construction and demolition and municipal solid waste. It features a forged, high-strength steel rotor that is 10 feet, 4 inches long, 6 inches thick, 42 inches in diameter, and weighs over 20,000 pounds.

The cutting gap on the 8,000-pound anvil adjusts instantaneously to accommodate varying feed stock and desired end product size requirements.

The CBI Annihilator comes in both stationary and mobile configurations with a choice of 600-1,000 hp electric or diesel engines. For more information or to arrange for a demonstration, call CBI at (603) 382-0556.

Bandit Industries Adds Model 2680 Beast Recycler

Bandit Industries has introduced a new model of its Beast Recycler wood grinder. The model 4680 is the fourth in the Beast Recycler line of machines.

The Bandit Beast Recycler model 4680 features a mill that is 57 inches in diameter and 63 inches wide; the opening is 40 inches high and 60 inches long. The machine will process stumps and logs 40 inches in diameter and greater and can grind whole trees. It offers power options up to 860 hp.

Like other Bandit Beast Recycler machines, the model 4680 is a high-production, portable machine with a patented cuttermill that allows material to be cut, split or ground. The controlled, regulated action of the cuttermill maximizes available horsepower, limits fuel consumption and reduces vibration.

The Bandit Beast Recycler model 4680 can be set up in 10 minutes. It will process about 500 cubic yards of material per hour, depending on the material, and make a finished product in one pass. The machine provides a wide range of options for producing various types of products, ensuring maximum value from recycled materials.

For more information, contact Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

Ferree Trailer Acquires Assets of Boaz Lowbed

Ferree Trailer, a specialty heavy equipment manufacturer in Liberty, N. C., has acquired certain assets of Boaz Lowbed International in Boaz, Ala.

The acquisition fits well the company’s existing heavy and custom manufacturing business, said Ferree president Ken Nash. All manufacturing, sales and support will be based at Ferree Trailer’s new North Carolina facility.

Trailers manufactured by Ferree Trailer will include detachable gooseneck, folding gooseneck, rigid gooseneck, hydraulic fold-tails, oilfield, multi-axle lowbed, forestry and other custom designs. For more information, contact Ferree Trailer at (800) 680-4407.

Tigercat Has ‘Big Wood’ Option for Feller-Bunchers

Tigercat has introduced an optional ‘Big Wood’ package for its line of track feller-bunchers. The system will be well suited to contractors who specialize in large timber applications, especially operating on slopes.

The optional ‘Big Wood’ package consists of two components: the heavy-lift conventional boom system and upgraded high pressure attachment hydraulics.

The boom system has larger main boom lift cylinders; unlike the ER boom, both stick cylinders are deployed for lifting. The head tilt cylinder is also larger.

The attachment pump is upgraded from a low pressure gear pump to a high pressure gear or piston pump, depending on machine model; it supplies higher pressure to the clamp arm cylinders for increased clamping force and holding power of large, heavy trees. The attachment valve is also upgraded for the increased pressure.

The new 5702 felling saw is required to accommodate the high pressure attachment hydraulics. Although the 5702 is designed for big wood applications, the asymmetric arm geometry and large accumulating area provide excellent performance in all stem sizes. It has a large bore, high pressure grab arm and accumulating arm cylinders for better control of large stems. For more information, contact Tigercat at (519) 442-1000 or visit the Web site at

AIM Attachments Offers Heavy-Duty Stump Shear

AIM Attachments has introduced the new HDS-1 heavy-duty stump shear. It is designed to efficiently split logs, stumps, poles and roots.

The shears of the HDS-1 feature high-strength, easily replaceable bolt-on blades. The blades are manufactured from Astralloy-V, an ultra-high strength alloy steel. The plate is nearly 20% harder and 34% stronger than AR400.

The HDS-1 also has a backdrag plate for grading and filling holes left by stump removal. AIM manufactures stump shears for 25-80,000-pound excavators. For more information, contact AIM Attachments at (800) 803-3365 or visit the Web site at

HogZilla Option Enables Tub Machine to Grind Tires

HogZilla tub grinders are now available with optional tire grinding equipment. The tire grinding equipment option also may be retrofitted to existing HogZilla tub grinders as a bolt-on attachment.

The HogZilla tire grinding equipment package enables fast volume reduction of all types of waste tires. The machines can grind over 2,000 passenger tires per hour.

For more information, contact CW Manufacturing Inc. at (800) 743-3491, e-mail or visit the Web site at

INOVEC Names Seifert Midwest Sales Engineer

INOVEC, which supplies sawmill optimization and control systems, has named John Seifert to the position of sales engineer for the Midwest region.

John, who previously worked for INOVEC from 1994-98, has over 35 years of experience in the hardwood sawmill industry. He has extensive knowledge of optimization systems, machinery, NHLA hardwood grading rules and all aspects of sawmill operations, management and maintenance.

John will work out of his home in Ohio. He may be contacted at (541) 912-4292 or e-mail at

Schutte-Buffalo Offers New MP Series Grinders

Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill has introduced its new MP Series slow-speed, ram-fed grinder for wood processing applications. The new series of grinders is designed with innovative features for high durability, reduced power usage, minimal dust and reduced manpower requirements.

The Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill MP Series grinders are manufactured in the U. S. with American-made, off-the-shelf components for easy maintenance and service. The company offers five grinder models in the new series to meet a variety of wood processing requirements. They range in power from 40-125 hp and in capacity from 2,000-25,000 pounds per hour.

Each model features a state-of-the-art control package that is standard. It features an electrical control panel that communicates and works in unison with the hydraulic power pack for optimal grinding performance every time. The MP Series control system continuously monitors current and signals the ram to retract when a predetermined amperage level is exceeded. The hydraulic power pack has a variable speed control that allows the ram cycle to be set according to the type of material being processed, such as hardwood or softwood, dry or green, pallets, stumps, and so on.

For more information, contact Schutte Buffalo Hammer Mill at (800) 447-4634, e-mail, or visit the Web site at