Amerisafe Specializes in Hazardous Industries

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Workers compensation insurance can be confusing but picking a provider that is familiar with the logging business can help

When it comes to logging, having the best workers’ compensation insurance coverage is essential. Amerisafe protects your company’s interests and gives your employees the assurance they need to be more productive. The objective of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide medical, rehabilitative and other benefits to your injured or disabled workers as a result of a job-related illness or accident.

Contractors know the dynamics of logging operations. In today’s world, however, it is no longer enough to be good with equipment and love to work in the woods — loggers must be very good businessmen. Your needs present a unique challenge! Often, the biggest challenge to an insurance company is properly understanding a business. Hazardous businesses, such as logging, tend to confuse many insurers. Logging contractors need an insurance company that is professional and knowledgeable about logging operations.

Amerisafe ‘grew up’ in the logging business, learning it from the ground up. Several Amerisafe employees have backgrounds in logging; some have relatives who work in the woods every day. Wood orders, quotas, cords and MBF are familiar terms to the Amerisafe staff. Loss control, audit, underwriting and claims are all unique within the logging industry.

Amerisafe specializes in providing workers’ compensation insurance for hazardous industries. The company has been in business since 1986 and is financially stable — as rated by A.M. Best.

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Amerisafe targets hazardous industries exclusively and accurately addresses their workers’ compensation insurance needs. Staff with duties in safety, claims and audit provide the local knowledge and experience needed by logging contractors. In most areas, Amerisafe’s safety, claims and audit staff live and work where their customers work.

Typically, hazardous industries have fluctuations in payroll due to peaks and valleys in business and production cycles. Many of the businesses that Amerisafe insures are seasonal in nature or otherwise impacted by weather conditions. Amerisafe understands these fluctuations and adopted monthly
reporting as the primary method of premium payment. With monthly reporting, premiums are based on the actual payroll for the month — not estimates. This results in less traumatic final audits.

Specializing in hazardous industries, Amerisafe is committed to the value and benefit of active loss control. Amerisafe employs experienced safety professionals to help their customers and underwriters identify potential hazards. Many of the company’s safety personnel come from the industries they insure, and they have strong personal experience. Their experience in an industry gives them greater insight into the potential pitfalls, which enables them to help loggers and others to develop and manage safety plans.

Amerisafe is a workers’ compensation insurance company that understands the needs of loggers. Workers will notice the commitment their employer has made by selecting a carrier whose goal is to help them recover and get them back to work as soon as possible.

By effectively managing the safety, claims and payment process, Amerisafe can help manage workers’ compensation insurance costs. Workers’ compensation insurance does not have to be a confusing decision. Partner with Amerisafe, and they will allow you to focus on the most important part of your business — running it.