Product Profiles – June 2003

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New products and services, company updates and supplier news from Lenox, Wood-Mizer, Bandit, Hogzilla, Morbark, Blount and Amerimulch.

New Lenox Band Blades Offer Thinner Kerf, Easy Sharpening

Lenox has introduced the new WoodMaster® line of narrow band saw blades for vertical and horizontal band resaws and portable band sawmills. They are manufactured in 1-inch to 3-inch widths for reduced kerf and to allow for easy one-site sharpening. Lenox offers four blades in the new WoodMaster line.

The Lenox PalletMaster® C (Carbon) blade features a tough tooth tip design for pallet dismantling machines.

The Lenox WoodMaster® C (Carbon) accepts higher feed rates, performs longer sawing hours and cuts cleanly with reduced sawdust. It features one piece carbon steel construction with hardened tooth tips for added wear. It is economically priced and offers good value for general purpose cutting applications.

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The Lenox WoodMaster® B (Bi-Metal) is of two piece steel construction to cut faster and last longer than traditional carbon steel blades. Tooth tips are made of cobalt high-speed steel for difficult cuts, combined with durable spring steel backing material.

The Lenox WoodMaster® CT (Carbon Tipped) is a long-lasting blade that features one piece steel backing with precision flat top ground carbide tooth tips. This blade accepts higher feed rates with less downtime and higher production.

For more information about the new line Lenox WoodMaster blades, contact American Saw & Mfg. Co. at
(800) 879-7729 or visit the Web site at

Laskowski Steps Down as Wood-Mizer Chair

Wood-Mizer co-founder Don Laskowski recently stepped down as chairman of the company’s board of directors. His
resignation was effective immediately. Don, 72, wanted to spend more time at home. Dan Tekulve, Wood-Mizer’s other co-founder, was named chairman of
the board.

At the same time, two of Don’s sons were named to the company’s two positions. Jeff Laskowski was named president and CEO and Daniel Laskowski, chief operating officer. A third son, Scott Laskowski, heads the Wood-Mizer research and development division.

Wood-Mizer is a leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills. The company recently reached a milestone of 30,000 mills sold worldwide in more than 110 countries.

Don and Dan began the company 25 years ago with the development of the Dupli-Carver, a three-dimensional wood cutting tool. Soon after that they developed a portable sawmill prototype that quickly became popular and spurred the creation of the portable sawmill industry.

Bandit Offers Improved Line of Chipper Knives

Bandit Industries, in conjunction with its knife supplier, has introduced a new line of chipper knives called the EverKnife. It can double the life of chipper knives, and some customers have reported extending knife life up to five times, according to Bandit.

The EverKnife is made of wear-resistant, high alloy steel. It is heat-treated to produce tight grain structure. The combination of material and heat treating produces a knife that holds its edge longer and resists chipping.

Companies with chipping operations will change knifes less often and
spend less time re-sharpening, according to Bandit. In addition, chippers equipped with EverKnives run smoother, consume less fuel, and produce higher quality

Although they will increase knife life by twice or more, the EverKnives are priced only 65-70% higher than Bandit’s standard chipper knives.

For more information, contact your local Bandit dealer or Bandit at (800) 952-0178.

Wood-Mizer Introduces New Thin-Kerf Band Resaw Blade

Wood-Mizer Products, a leader in portable band sawmills, has introduced a new thin-kerf band blade for resaws.

The new Wood-Mizer Silver Tip blade is made of high carbon, high tolerance steel that it is suited well to high-volume sawing.

“Our test sites are seeing great results and getting a full shift of production before changing blades on a consistent basis,”said Steve Clark, Wood-Mizer executive vice president.

The Wood-Mizer Silver Tip blade is offered in two models; both are 1.25-inch wide with 0.042-inch kerf. One model features 7/8-inch tooth spacing and a 10-degree hook angle with 0.250-inch tooth height. The other model has 5/8-inch tooth spacing and 12-degree hook angle with 0.200-inch tooth height.

For more information, contact Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site at

HogZilla Tub Grinder Now Available in Track Model

CW Manufacturing has introduced a new HogZilla tub grinder. The new HogZilla HTC-1464T is a track-mounted tub grinder.

The company engineered the power train and aggressive hammermill of its largest TC Series grinders into the new track-mounted chassis to maximize production from an easily transportable grinder.

A standard 1,000 hp Cat engine powers the hammermill while providing the efficiency and multiplied torque from the torque converter mill drive system.

Hydrostatic tracks reduce the amount of support equipment and manpower required to move the grinder. Convenient wireless remote control allows navigation through difficult job sites.

For more information, contact CW Manufacturing at (800) 743-3491, e-mail or visit the Web site at

Morbark to Open New Product Support Facility in Texas

Morbark planned to open a new product support facility in Conroe, Texas June 1. The 10,000-square-foot building was constructed
at the Airport Industrial Park north of Houston. The new facility will stock parts for the entire Morbark industrial equipment line and will serve the company’s rapidly growing customer base in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Morbark also named Rick Bardsley to represent the company in the region. He comes to Morbark with an extensive background in the heavy equipment business.

Morbark is a leading manufacturer of grinding, chipping and material handling equipment for the forest products and recycling industries.

To contact Rick Bardsley, call (800) 569-1626.

Caterpillar, Blount Enter Marketing, Supply Agreements

Caterpillar and Blount entered into worldwide marketing and supply agreements under which both companies will make their products available under a dual distribution system. The multi-year alliance leverages both companies’ expertise in the forestry business while expanding the Timberking brand of track feller-bunchers and harvesters that already are distributed by some Caterpillar dealers.

Blount will continue to sell Blount-branded machines through its dealer network, and Caterpillar dealers will sell Caterpillar-powered Timberking products. Caterpillar also will manufacture some Timberking and Blount products.

Caterpillar expects the full line of Timberking products to be available at dealerships worldwide later this year.

Amerimulch Opens Facility to Serve Western Region

Amerimulch, which supplies machinery and colorants for producing colored mulch, recently opened a new facility in Carson City, Nev. in order to serve the Western region.

The facility is a colorant distribution center, sales office, and full-service technical service laboratory. Visitors may see demonstrations of the company’s coloring equipment.

For more information about Amerimulch products or to arrange a demonstration, contact Amerimulch at (888) 556-3304, fax (216) 901-9116, e-mail, or visit the Web site at