CBI Introduces 2 New Grinders at Waste Expo

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Flexible Freedom Hog offers multiple configurations; Mega Shredder targets C&D grinding market.

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) of Newton, New Hampshire is preparing for the launch of two new products at WasteExpo June 3-5 in New Orleans. The new products are designed to complement the CBI line of grinders currently used by the material processing and wood industries.

Companies in the land clearing business will be especially interested in its new Freedom Hog, according to CBI president Anders Ragnarsson. It is designed to be the most flexible platform ever made for grinding wood. “We call it the Freedom Hog because it gives the user the ultimate freedom in terms of numbers of ways it can be utilized in the field,” Anders said.

Changing from one configuration to another is accomplished by a unique quick-disconnect bolting system. It allows a contractor the flexibility to go from a track machine to portable or stationary applications — or a combination thereof — in very little time. With this design and quick-disconnect system, a machine can clear a residential job one day and be configured the next day to clear land for a gas or power line in a remote location.

CBI signed Southworth-Milton of Milford, Mass. to represent the Freedom Hog in several Northeastern states. Mike Sherman of Southworth was especially enthusiastic about the flexibility the new CBI Freedom Hog will provides his clients. “This machine will allow companies to bid on the types of jobs that they are currently passing up because they don’t have the equipment,” said Mike. “Rather than having to own two or three machines, they can do it all with one Freedom Hog, switching between tracks and wheels, depending on the requirements of the job.”

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The CBI Freedom Hog is available with two power plants — a Caterpillar® 630 hp or 1,000 hp engine. The machines comes in four operating designs: stationary, 2 axle, track, and 2 or 3 axles with track. With the choice of power plants and operating designs, the CBI Freedom Hog offers eight configurations.

The CBI Freedom Hog measures just under 40 feet in the travel position and weighs about 70,000 pounds. Features include a full 18 inches of ground clearance, radio remote control to operate all functions, a 12-foot by 60-inch feed conveyor with high trough sides, a 40-inch by 60-inch hammer mill with 5-inch diameter shaft and 4-inch thick wall drum, and a 25-foot by 60-inch discharge conveyor. The frame is fabricated with heavy-duty formed sections with tubular cross members that are reinforced for the highest tension loads and strength enough to accommodate tracks, 2 or 3 axle dolly, overband magnet, and 6 or 12 cylinder CAT engines.

One of the other unique features of the CBI Freedom Hog is the Twin Disc® model HP900 extra-heavy duty PTO hydraulic clutch with outboard support bearing and electronic controlled engagement, which comes as standard equipment. This hydraulic clutch eliminates the fiber disc slippage — and resulting wear — that is typical of mechanical clutches. The clutch operates electrically, eliminating the user interface that required the operator to continually assure that the proper foot pounds of torque was being asserted at all times.

CBI also is scheduled to introduce at WasteExpo the company’s latest entry into the construction & demolition grinding marketplace — the MOAS (Mother of All Shredders), also called the Mega Shredder. Designed to set a new bar in processing construction and demolition debris, one of the new machines already has been purchased by Waste Management for a facility in Massachusetts and another has been bought by F&G Recycling in Connecticut.

“At just under 100,000 pounds and with a rotor that measures over 10 feet long and 42 inches in diameter of 6-inch thick forged steel, the MOAS will process approximately 100 tons per hour of the nastiest c&d waste,” said Anders.

“We are determined to maintain our reputation as the heavyweight champion in grinding,” he added, “and we know we can’t do that unless we are always working to stay one step ahead of our competition. The MOAS is designed and built to keep us there for years to come.”

Features of the CBI MOAS or Mega Shredder include PLC controls, a digital display system with diagnostics, jammed rotor detection system with auto-reverse, an automatic material purge cycle, and hydraulic temperature and level monitoring. The machine is available in stationary or portable configurations with electric or diesel power plants that range from 630 to more than 1,000 hp, depending on client needs and application requirements.

CBI has a 35,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and a 9,000-square-foot parts facility at its headquarters, which is located on more than 20 acres in Newton, New Hampshire. The company has been in the business of manufacturing shredding equipment since 1988 and has over 300 units in operation worldwide.

For more information, contact Continental Biomass Industries at (603) 382-0556, e-mail info@cbi-inc.com or visit the Web site at www.cbi-inc.com.