DuraTech Offers Two New Tub Grinder Models

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DuraTech”s improved machines desinged and built for application in wood recycling, mulch production and more.

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — Ironwood is the common name for several species of hard, dark, heavy timber found in the region of Indonesia and Australia. In North America, a couple of species, such as leverwood and hornbeam, fall into the ironwood category.

All the species called by the common name ironwood are tough — not as tough as iron, of course, but dense enough to give any grinder a real workout. So it is not unexpected that a new Model 4012 Industrial Tub Grinder from DuraTech Industries International Inc. in Jamestown, N.D. is heading to a customer in Australia.

DuraTech recently introduced two new tub grinders to the marketplace, the Model 4012 Industrial Tub Grinder and the Model 3010 Industrial Tub Grinder. The Model 4012 is powered by a Cat electronic 650 hp diesel engine. The Model 3010 is powered by an Cat electronic C-15 463 diesel engine. The DuraTech Model 4012 processes up to 350 cubic yards of wood per hour and the Model 3010 processes up to 120 cubic yards per hour. Both machines are built for applications in wood recycling, composting, mulch production and land clearing.

Real-world needs informed the design of the new DuraTech tub grinders and the end-user was kept in mind every step of the way. To be sure, said Bob Strahm, sales and marketing manager for DuraTech Industries, his company takes pride in listening to customers and translating their wish lists into actual features on equipment. The oscillating stacking conveyor on the Model 4012 is a prime illustration of something customers asked for and got, said Bob. “It allows the operator to load trucks without moving the truck five times,” he explained. “It also allows you to place 150 percent more out the end of the conveyor without having to move the pile or the machine.”

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The conveyor on the DuraTech Model 4012 is 36 inches wide, and it has 25-degree oscillating capability. The DuraTech Model 3010 also has oscillating capability as well with a 30-inch wide conveyor. The DuraTech Model 4012 Industrial Tub Grinder is built to address the needs of customers that have a lot of wood to grind. It matters not whether the customer is a contract grinder or a municipal facility. “The machine is capable of doing up to 32 inches diameter material, and lots of it,” said Bob.

Besides the size of the wood the DuraTech Model 4012 can be fed, it offers some other attributes that are sure to be winners. “New technology has given us a new feature that stands to get rid of a lot of headaches,” said Bob. “The new wet clutch that drives the hammermill virtually takes the operator out of the equation.”

The wet clutch has a push-button start, explained Bob, and it is self-adjusting. Not only is it “more or less maintenance free,” he said, it also “delivers more horsepower to the mill” than a conventional clutch would.

The DuraTech Model 4012 Industrial Tub Grinder debuted at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas in the spring of 2002. Visitors to the trade show responded enthusiastically to the new machine, according to Bob. With a transport width of 10 ½ feet, the Model 4012 is narrow enough to keep licensing and permit requirements for on-road transport to a minimum while allowing the machine to be maneuvered easily. The joystick controls in the cab give the operator ease of operation and keeps fatigue to a minimum. Controls and gauges are accessible in the grapple as well as on the ground.

The DuraTech Model 3010 Industrial Tub Grinder was introduced to the market in December 2002 at the Solid Waste Expo in Toronto. The smaller Model 3010 shares many features with the Model 4012, such as the oscillating stacking conveyor and the wet clutch. Both grinders also have a self-cleaning radiator screen.

“When the wind changes and material flows near your radiator,” said Bob, “the self-cleaning primary screen will keep the radiator free from debris.” On the Model 3010, the screening system has 1,800 square inches of passages. On the Model 4012, the screening system has 3,500 square inches of passages.

The Model 3010 is well suited for grinding scrap pallets and other applications, Bob said. The machine is large enough to handle whole pallets, he noted.

The overall “heft” of the machine is one of the most exciting changes incorporated in the new Model 3010, said Bob. “It has a heavy-duty mill that is 30 percent heavier than our last ‘10’ model,” he explained. “The machine weighs over 38,000 pounds and is well engineered. Well engineered means we put the heft in the right places.” Two 22,000-pound axles support the Model 3010.

The DuraTech Model 4012 weighs 67,000 pounds and is supported by three 22,000-pound axles. Despite their size and efficiencies, both the Model 4012 and the Model 3010 CAT engines are designed to meet all Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards.

In 1966, Joe Anderson founded DuraTech under the initial name of J&J Manufacturing in Minot, N.D. The name was later changed to Haybuster Mfg. Co. to better reflect the role of the equipment the company made for grinding hay for livestock. Haybuster also developed such products as rock pickers and no-till drills. Haybuster moved to Jamestown, N.D. in the 1970s and the company began to transfer its expertise to an industrial line of products in the 1980s. As Haybuster expanded its industrial equipment offerings, the name of the company was changed to DuraTech Industries International. The name DuraTech puts front and center the commitment of the company to durable and technologically state-of-the-art equipment.

Australia, renowned for its hearty ironwood, is just one of the many Pacific Rim countries where DuraTech sells its equipment. The overseas markets for DuraTech equipment include the United Kingdom, Germany and Mexico. The company, which has more than 600 dealers worldwide, has even sold equipment to be used in Antarctica.

DuraTech maintains its location in Jamestown, which is in the central part of North Dakota. The town of about 15,500 refers to itself as the ‘Pride of the Prairie.’ The philosophy is a nice match for DuraTech, one of its big employers, and a company that takes pride in its equipment. The heavy-duty industrial grinders that DuraTech makes range from an 8-foot-high model to the new, big 12-foot-high Model 4012. DuraTech also makes horizontal ram-fed grinders, which it markets in its Grindmaster line of equipment.

Bob has followed the changes in the grinder industry for many years, and he sees a definite direction. “The trend is toward heavier and easier to operate tub grinders,” he said. With its new Model 4012 and Model 3010 industrial tub grinders, DuraTech figures to be a key player.