Biomass Fuel-Based Energy Systems Can Reduce Cost In Several Areas

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Turn wood sate into energy using an engineered system from Biomass Energy Concepts

Forest trimmings and waste material generated by sawmills and other forest products businesses are excellent biomass fuels. These fuels have been converted successfully to steam energy and electricity for decades, and are commonly used in the paper and wood manufacturing industries. These energy systems are now also a viable alternative for smaller applications.

Biomass Energy Concepts, a division of Advanced Recycling Equipment Inc., works with clients throughout the world to identify and implement economical solutions for reducing waste and replacing imported oil products. The company’s niche is smaller energy systems ranging in size from 100 kw to 10 mw of electrical production and 1-40 mw of thermal energy production. Biomass fuel energy systems virtually eliminates the waste disposal costs associated with landfills and also reduce energy costs. For example, a biomass fuel energy system for an integrated wood manufacturing business can reduce waste disposal costs by nearly 95%, thermal energy costs by nearly 100%, and electrical energy costs by nearly 50%, according to Biomass Energy Concepts.

Biomass Energy Concepts recently helped a customer in Japan bring a wood fuel energy system on line. It converts wood waste produced by a state-of-the-art laminated wood beam manufacturing plant into steam energy. The fuel is a blend of sanding dust, sawdust and shavings from the plant’s daily operations; these residual wood materials otherwise would be disposed of in a landfill at a considerable cost to the manufacturing plant. The resulting steam energy in turn is used to heat the plant, provide thermal energy for its gluing operations and steam for its dry kiln operations.

The energy system at the Japanese plant consists of a biomass fuel thermal combustion system manufactured by Advanced Recycling Equipment. It produces hot combustion gases that are introduced into a heat recovery steam generator that was provided by a local company. The system is capable of producing 4,500 pounds per hour of 135 psig steam. The thermal combustion system, when combined with the heat recovery steam generator, operates at a system efficiency of about 80%.

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The system is controlled by a touch screen interface that provides for both Japanese and English translations at the touch of a button. For more information, contact Biomass Energy Concepts at (205) 795-2085 or visit the Web site at