New Products – December 2002

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New Products December 2002: Norwood Accessories Turn ATV into Hydraulic Excavator, Hultdins Introduces, almet Introduces 3 Heavy Single-Grip Harvesting Heads, IME Introduces

Norwood Accessories Turn ATV into Hydraulic Excavator

Norwood Industries Inc. has introduced a unique attachment for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). The ATV MultiMate™ L-1500 is a multi-utility attachment that transforms any utility ATV into a forklift, hydraulic excavator, tractor, log skidder, dump-box, dump-bucket, grader blade, and much more.

Equipped with Norwood’s DM-60 hydraulic excavator attachment, the MultiMate enables an ATV to dig holes and trenches over 5 feet deep. Designed for versatility, the MultiMate’s excavator can swing a full 180 degrees and has a horizontal reach of more than 7 feet.

The DM-60 hydraulic backhoe comes standard with four independently adjustable outriggers to enhance stability while digging, even on rough terrain. For ease of use, Norwood has equipped it with the industry standard two-valve, eight-position control platform.

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When the excavating job is done, simply disconnect the DM-60 from the MultiMate and install a new attachment for a different task. Norwood offers other attachments and is designing more.

For nearly a decade, Norwood Industries Inc. has been designing and manufacturing portable sawmills and forestry equipment, including the LumberMate™ and EdgeMate™. Norwood ships in kit-form throughout the world and its equipment can be found in over 56 countries.

For more information contact Norwood Industries at (800) 567-0404 or visit the Web site at

Hultdins Introduces ECO-Wheel Tracks

Hultdins ECO-Wheel Tracks for skidders can eliminate the need for wide flotation tires or duals and extend the operating season. Hultdins ECO-Wheel Tracks, based on the smooth-running Olofsfors Eco-Track cross member, have a wide footprint that increases contact area, lowers ground pressure and improves flotation. The cross-member design increases traction.

The result is improved maneuverability, stability, and pulling performance in wet or rough conditions while reducing ground disturbance. Hultdins ECO-Wheel Tracks also protect tires and extend tire life; they have been shown to reduce tire replacement by one set per season, according to Hultdins.

Hultdins ECO-Wheel Tracks also feature a self-cleaning design to further ensure smooth riding conditions and reduce tire spin and grab, which put stress on a machine’s drive train. Hultdins ECO-Wheel Tracks are easy to maintain and adjust.

For more information, call Hultdins at (519) 754-0044, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

Valmet Introduces 3 Heavy Single-Grip Harvesting Heads

Partek Forest has introduced a new, heavy line of harvesting heads after acquiring the Rosin line of heavy harvesting heads. Originally built in Australia, the Rosin heads were designed conceptually similar to Valmet’s model 945, 960 and 965 harvesting heads. Rosin heads were built larger and stronger for tough logging conditions in Australia.

Partek Forest recognized the need for larger, single-grip harvesting heads in other parts of the world, including North America. It improved the Rosin heads and now is introducing them as the Valmet model 380, 385 and 395 single-grip harvesting attachments.

The Valmet 380 is best suited for thinnings and small final felling operations up to 20 inches and may be matched with the Timbco T425, TN425 or similar carrier. The Valmet 385 is suited for final felling up to 22 inches, and the Valmet 395 is for tough delimbing and clear felling up to 26 inches; both heads may be matched with a Timbco T445 or larger carrier.

“What’s different with these heads are the generally larger dimensioned components and larger feed motors required for the heavy harvesting conditions experienced in some areas of North America,” said Tim Lee, product manager for attachments for Partek Forest. “These harvesting heads are a fine addition to the Partek Forest line and enable us to offer a suitable product for almost any harvesting condition.”

For more information, contact a Valmet dealer or visit the Web site at

IME Introduces New Shaving Mill

Industrial Machinery & Equipment has introduced the new BSM 4012 shaving mill. It has two 40-inch long heads with 12 knives in each head. Each head is driven by a 40 hp electric motor, which provides plenty of power to make shavings easily. The box is driven by a 25 hp hydraulic power unit with a fast cycle time.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment also offers quick change knife heads that minimize down time and provide longer production time. All machines are built to customer specifications. For more information, contact Industrial Machinery & Equipment at (816) 847-6971 or visit the Web site at