New Products – April 2002

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New firewood processor, new rubber-tired log loaders, new middle buster plows, and new feller buncher

Built-Rite Makes Improvements to Small Firewood Processor

Built-Rite has taken its proven small firewood processor, the model 18SCP, and made it even better. The new Built-Rite model 18SCP-HP has the following improvements over the original version:

• 24 hp Honda motor

• long-lasting, single-stage hydraulic pump

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• auto cycle splitter valve

• larger hydraulics and gas tanks

• torque axle for smooth towing

For more information on the new Built-Rite model 18SCP-HP firewood processor, call the company at (800) 757-2520.

USNR Aquires Perceptron’s Forest Products Divison

USNR, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of sawmill equipment, acquired Perceptron’s forest products division.

Michigan-based Perceptron has developed superior scanning and optimization systems for the automotive, forest and aerospace industries. The forest products division includes widely acclaimed software with advanced scanning and optimization capabilities that will broaden and enhance the product offerings of USNR.

The Perceptron forest products division will continue to sell products to both original equipment manufacturers and end-users, and to provide support for its products.

The scanning, optimization and controls groups of Perceptron and USNR will be combined to form a new division of USNR focused exclusively on scanning, optimization and controls; it will be known as the Perceptron forest products division of USNR. The new division will be managed by Chris Blomquist, who has been vice president and division manager of the Perceptron forest products division.

“When you combine the people and products of Perceptron with those of USNR, the result is an unbeatable suite of superior scanners, controls and optimizers,” said George Van Hoomissen, president and CEO of USNR.

For more information, contact USNR at (800) 289-8767 or visit the Web site at

Auburn Offers Pre-Planing Module for 1000 Series Surfacers, Molders

A new pre-planing module is now available on the Auburn/Pinheiro 1000 series of 20-inch and 34-inch wide double surfacers and planer-molders. The new pre-planing module lowers the cost and time required to process both dirty and over-sized stock.

This optional top infeed head improves finish quality and extends the sharpness time of the finish knives by removing gravel, dust and other debris collected on the top surface of the stock during storage and transportation.

It also allows over-thickness lumber, glued panels, flitches, cants, timbers and laminated beams to be finished-sized or profiled in a single pass.

For more details, contact Auburn Machinery Inc. at (800) 888-4244 or 207-784-4244, fax (207) 783-4220, e-mail, or Web site at

Blount Introduces Three New Rubber-Tired Log Loaders for Yard

The Forestry & Industrial Equipment Division of Blount International Inc., a leading manufacturer of timber harvesting, site clearing and industrial equipment, introduced a new line of Prentice mill-yard equipment.

Three new models of rubber-tired log loaders range in size from 22.5-ton capacity to 36.5-ton capacity. The all-new 22.5-ton model with adjustable height cab was designed specifically for the North American market. First shipments will be made to Blount dealers this spring.

The new loader models are in keeping with the company’s ongoing commitment to provide state-of-the-industry equipment to its broad customer base, said Dennis Eagan, President of Blount’s Forestry & Industrial Equipment Division. The customer base includes short-wood, tree-length and cut-to-length contractors, plus mill-yard owners throughout North and South America.

Blount’s Prentice brand is a market leader for knuckleboom log loaders in the Americas. Other Blount market leading brands of timber harvesting equipment include Hydro-Ax® feller-bunchers, CTR® ground-saw slashers and pull-through delimbers, and Fabtek® cut-to-length harvesting equipment.

For more information, visit the Web site at

Marden Industries Develops Patented Middle Buster Plows

Marden Industries has developed a new, patented line of middle-buster plows for forestry applications that are designed to give complete tillage throughout the soil bed. This feature helps eliminate competition from unwanted plants as well as giving up to 12 inches of tillage in the center of the bed — even in soil with a hardpan.

Five individual arms are pressure-relieved with a hydraulic accumulator system that is self-contained in the plow.

These units come in lift-type as well as pull-type; different models range in horsepower requirements from 150-300.

Marden Industries, which has been in business for over 65 years, manufactures a complete line of reforestation equipment, including drum choppers, sub-soil plows, v-shears and fire plows.

For more information, contact Marden Industries at (800) 881-0388, fax (863) 428-1395, or e-mail at

Tigercat 832 Feller-Buncher Has Zero Tail-Swing, New ER Boom

The new Tigercat 832 feller-buncher is a reliable, durable machine capable of minimizing impact in pine plantation thinning and other selective cut applications.

The Tigercat 832 features zero tail-swing and has superior service access. A power-operated retracting roof enclosure provides walk-up access to the engine area. Pumps, valves, filters and heat exchangers are easily accessed through swing-out doors in the rear of the machine.

The hydrostatically-driven cooling fan directs debris away from the front of the machine. With 253 hp, tight-tuck boom geometry and Tigercat’s new ER boom system, the 832 is a high-production machine in intense thinning applications.

The patent-pending ER boom allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane smoothly and quickly using a single joystick. Operators also appreciate the expansive, ergonomic cab and right-side visibility. A nearly full-length window provides visibility to the rear, an important benefit in tight thinning applications.

Tigercat 832 feller-bunchers are operating in pine plantation applications in the Southeastern U.S. and also in selective cut hardwood applications in central Ontario, Canada.

For more information, contact Tigercat at (519) 442-1000, fax (519) 442-1855 or visit the Web site at