Product Profiles – February 2002

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New sawmill, logging, and wood waste products/services.

Baker Exhibits EZ Sawmill

Baker Products is targeting a new market with its EZ Portable Band Sawmill. The lowest-priced portable sawmill of its type on the market, according to Baker, it is being marketed to farmers, arts and crafts builders, woodworkers and other hobbyists.

The Baker EZ Portable Band Sawmill is powered by a 16 HP gasoline engine; single-phase and three-phase electric power also are available. It is designed to saw logs up to 24 inches in diameter 9 feet long; bolt-on track extensions allow unlimited log lengths.

The EZ mill is equipped with 24-inch diameter band wheels to increase band blade life and comes with Baker’s exclusive flat guide system. The head is raised easily via hand crank and a gear reduction box. Riveted stainless steel and aluminum construction provide durability and portability.

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A number of attachments are available for sawing lap siding, shingles and wedges, and log cross-sections.

For more information, contact Baker Products at (573) 663-7711, fax (573) 663-2787, e-mail or visit the Web site at

Brush Bandit Hand-Fed Chippers Now Available on Rubber Tracks

Bandit Industries has developed several new models of its hand-fed chippers, mounting them on a Caterpillar 304.5 rubber track undercarriage for mobility. The disc-style Brush Bandit models with 12-inch, 14-inch and 18-inch capacities are available in the new track versions.

The machines are equipped with both a tether and a radio remote control for operation either way.

Bandit marketing and sales manager Jerry Morey suggested the track-mounted Brush Bandits may be particularly suited for such applications as maintaining rail lines and utility rights-of-way. “They can even be equipped with a winch, making them ideal for light land and log clearing,” he said.

Bandit offers free demonstration videos. For more information or to order a video or actual demonstration, contact Bandit at (800) 952-0178, fax (989) 561-2273, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

Imperial Systems Introduces New Dust Collection System, Conveyors

Imperial Systems has developed a new dust collection system. It can improve air quality in any mill for a fraction of the cost.

The new Imperial Systems dust collection system features superior dust removal at a low cost, energy efficient motors, heavy gauge galvanized ducts that are custom designed for your mill, updated system controls with the ability to be PLC controlled, and reduced voltage starters.

Imperial Systems also is offering a new line of conveyors, including belt, vibratory, and screw conveyors. All are conducted of heavy gauge steel with a variety of belts, adjustable stands, high efficiency motors, controls, and all necessary accessories.

Imperial Systems also offers bag houses, cyclones, industrial fans, custom built hoods, wood grinders, used equipment, and engineering services and no-obligation systems consulting.

For more information, contact Imperial Systems at (724) 475-3718, fax (724) 475-4438, or e-mail

New Tigercat ER Boom System Offers Single Joystick Control

Tigercat has developed a new boom system that promises to bring revolutionary improvements to tree harvesting not seen since the invention of the high-speed disc saw. The Energy Recovery (ER) boom system improves fuel efficiency, increases production and reduces operator fatigue, according to Tigercat. Also, training for new operators is easier.

Conventional boom systems are fundamentally inefficient at felling because they must mix two arcing motion functions to get the desired reaching motion.

Conversely, Tigercat’s patent-pending ER boom system allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane smoothly and quickly using a single joystick.

The stick boom or “reach” joystick controls both the main and stick booms simultaneously, so the attachment moves either away from or toward the operator. The main boom and tilt functions operate in the traditional manner to adjust the height and angle of the attachment.

“The operator no longer has the mentally tiring job of simultaneously working the boom and stick controls to manipulate the attachment in and out in a smooth manner,” said Grant Somerville, head of Tigercat’s track carrier engineering group. “We have been testing the ER boom for over a year now and find the operators adapt almost immediately to the ER, even in cases where we hadn’t explained to them that the boom operates differently.”

Operators who have spent time on ER machines comment on the speed, ease of operation and smoothness of the boom as well as the extra horsepower available for other functions and faster saw recovery.

The ER system also transfers energy back and forth between the main and the stick boom functions, reducing the total energy needed to move the boom system. This translates to reduced demands for power, pump flow and system cooling.

The ER boom will be standard equipment on all Tigercat feller-bunchers and harvesters.

For more information, contact Tigercat at (519) 442-1000, fax (519) 442-1855, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

Sharp Tool Co. Develops Frost Notch Gullet for Bandsaw Blades

Sharp Tool Co. has developed a Frost Notch Gullet for the 1″ and 11/4″ narrow bandsaw blades.

The Frost Notch Gullet helps remove sawdust when cutting frozen cants, reducing sawdust build-up on boards. Reducing saw-dust build-up may also make dedusting either easier or unnecessary.

For more information on the new Frost Notch Gullet, contact Sharp Tool Co. at (800) 221-5452, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

Weber Offers New Tag to Meet EPA Guidelines for Treated Wood Labels

Weber Marking Systems has developed Tag-Mate to help wood preservers meet new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for labeling CCA-treated wood.

The Tag-Mate’s tag-on-tag construction is designed to be peeled apart, allowing ample tag space for the EPA’s requirement, company logo, bar code, product description, and more. The tag, measuring 0.87-inch by 2.75-inches, is durable enough to withstand the wood treating process as well as outdoor exposure without tearing or fading.

Tag-Mate is simple to apply with Weber’s FasTagger® stapler, which automatically applies up to 100 tags per minute and weighs only 6.5 pounds with a full roll of tags.

Weber has also developed alternate tag solutions for the lumber industry, including PolyTags printed with the EPA’s information for customers.

For more information, contact Weber at (800) 225-0883, e-mail, or visit the Web site at