Wentzel Carbide Tool Develops New Head for Morbark Debarkers

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Model WT640 Designed for Low Maintenance, High Production

Wentzel Carbide Tool Co. has developed a new, innovative debarker head for Morbark debarkers. The new model WT640, designed for both low maintenance and high production, is the first improvement of this type of head in over 20 years.

The new Wentzel model WT640 debarking head weighs only 180 pounds — the old type heads weigh 300 pounds — and is easily installed. It is made of solid body construction for increased durability. It is virtually maintenance free: simply grease the bearings and replace bits as needed.

New heavier bits with more metal behind the carbide make them more durable and stronger. The impact of the bit is distributed all around the head, not just centered on the bit. They last longer and provide cleaner, faster, smoother debarking.

Heads are balanced prior to shipment. Bearings are easily replaced, however, by removing the hubs on either side of the head.

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Damaged bit pockets can be repaired while still lin the debarker or in a company’s maintenance shop.

The Wentzel model WT640 head can be manufactured to fit any Morbark debarker except rosser type or pole peelers.

For more information, contact Wentzel Carbide Tool at (800) 264-8848.