Timbco Introduces 2 New Single-Grip Harvester Heads

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Timbco 380 and 385 Are for Heavy Harvesting Conditions

Partek Forest has developed new single-grip harvesting attachments, the Timbco 380 and 385.

The new heads incorporate many features similar to the Valmet processing heads, such as accurate length and diameter measurement, fast feed speeds, independent control of feed rollers and knife arms, manual to full automatic control, and effective delimbing. Some hydraulic components also are common to other Valmet products.

Other features include topping saw, which is standard on the 385, and rubber or steel feed rollers.

The new Timbco heads generally have larger dimensioned components and larger feed motors for heavy harvesting conditions of North America. They are primarily designed for attachment to Timbco rubber-tired or track carriers, but they are available for other excavator type carriers, too.

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Partek acquired the Australian-made Rosin line of heavy harvesting heads earlier in the year and improved and refined the technology for the Timbco line.

For more information, contact Timbco at (715) 524-2820, e-mail timbco@timbcohyd.com, or visit the Web site at www.timbcohyd.com.