New Jeffrey Screen Grate Improves Hammermill 

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Jeffrey Specialty Equipment Develops Innovation in Shredding Technology

Jeffrey Specialty Equipment Corp. has introduced an innovation in shredding technology, the Slant-Flow™ hammermill screen grate.

Unlike conventional screen grates, the new Jeffrey Slant-Flow grates feature screen bars that are inclined for better alignment with the direction of material flow. The inclined design enables material to move through the hammermill more rapidly, increasing capacity and reducing wear.

The inclined bars also are thicker and are fully supported by radiused blocks that conform to the contour of the machine. This construction provides a stronger grate than conventional configurations.

In addition to increasing machine capacity, the Jeffrey Slant-Flow grates produce less dust by improving air flow, and they improve shredding action due to the angle of cutting. The hammers will last longer because of the improved shredding action and rapid evacuation of material, which reduces recirculating load.

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Jeffrey manufactures a complete line of wood and bark hogs, Chip-Sizer™ machines and vibrating feeders and conveyors. For a brochure on the new Slant-Flow screen grate or more information, call Jeffrey at (800) 615-9296