HAWE Spool Valves Provide Proportional Directional Control

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Control Movement, Force Capability of Hydraulic Cylinders, Motors

HAWE Hydraulics’ proportional directional spool valves provide proportional control of both the movement and the force capability of hydraulic cylinders and motors. The valves are made from steel, allowing operating pressures to 6,000 psi.

The company offers two groups of sizes. Size 3 ranges from .75 to 28.5 gpm compensated flow per section while Size 5 ranges from 4 to 55 gpm compensated flow per section.

Spools can be interchanged to accommodate many different flow requirements. The valves can be supplied as bankable type or manifold mounted, and sizes can be combined to minimize overall space requirements as well as overall cost.

Valves can be operated using various actuations. Combinations of these different operators are standard options.

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For more information, contact HAWE Hydraulics at (704) 509-1599.