USNR Acquires Forano Group

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News release on USNR’s acquisition of Forano Group

USNR, a leading U.S. manufacturer of sawmill machinery, has acquired the Forano Group, one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of sawmill machinery and high-capacity lift trucks. Operations acquired from Forano immediately will begin doing business under the name USNR-Forano. Operations of Forano in Montreal and Quebec will continue to be managed by Ronald Brousseau, Forano president since 1984 and named president of USNR-Forano.

With the acquisition, USNR now has manufacturing plants in all North America’s major lumber-producing regions.

The addition of the Forano product lines allows USNR to supply a complete line of machinery and control systems for all major operations involved in manufacturing lumber. The company’s products include automated feed systems for log preparation, primary and secondary breakdown, as well as edging, trimming, sorting, stacking, drying, finishing, and material handling. USNR also produces machinery used in manufacturing various types of engineered wood products.