Wood Fiber Product Profiles for June 2001 TimberLine

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Product Profiles

Bandit Offers New Auto Feed on Chippers
Bandit Industries has developed digital Auto Feed Plus, a new feed system for chipping and grinding machines that can start and stop a feed and also reverse it. Auto Feed Plus is available on all Brush Bandit® hand-fed brush chippers and whole tree chippers and comes standard on the company’s model 3680 Beast Recycler.®

The Auto Feed Plus reverse feature allows material to be pulled out from the cut, preventing wood from rubbing against the disc or knives. The reverse feature, which is infinitely adjustable from a millisecond to 65 seconds, eliminates the potential for burning and dulling knives.

Bandit customers who have tested the new Auto Feed Plus have received it enthusiastically. The system is more dependable and easier to adjust, they found, and the reverse feature operates smoothly and quickens recovery time.

For more information, contact Bandit at (800) 952-0178, fax (517) 561-2273, e-mail brushbandit@eclipsetel.com, or Web site at www.banditchippers.com.

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Morbark Track Hog Moves and Grinds at Same Time
The Morbark Model 5600 Track Wood Hog further expands the line of Morbark horizontal grinding equipment, providing another option in wood recycling equipment. The Morbark 5600 Track Wood Hog will handle demanding grinding applications, making quick work of pallets, brush, stamps, green waste, and other hard-to-get-to wood waste. In addition, it is designed to move and grind simultaneously, allowing for more production per hour.

The machine is equipped with many design features to increase productivity and durability. Features include a 36-inch by 56-inch hammermill, 330EL Cat undercarriage and wireless remote control. Access to the three-piece grate and grinding chamber is through a user-friendly pinned hood that opens with power from the hydraulic system.

The Morbark Model 5600 Track Wood Hog is available in engine options ranging from 750 hp to 860 hp.

An optional torque limiter system can be mounted in the drive sheave for protection against catastrophic damage. Other options include magnetized end pulley with collecting side tray to remove and collect ferrous metals, hydraulic reversing fan and Momentum drum.

For more information, contact Morbark at (800) 233-6065, e-mail inquire@morbark.com, or website at www.morbark.com.