Product Profiles – April 2001

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Precision Husky Offers Helical Face Chippers
Precision Husky Corporation now offers helical face chippers. During the past two years, customers have reported smoother chipper feed and improved chip quality.

Disc plate thickness gradually decreases from one knife clamp to the next knife edge. The radially tapered wear plate helps maintain a smoother feed by allowing the material to feed along its natural path, which also ensures a more consistent chip size.

Overall chipper performance has increased, reflecting overall cost reductions and increased profits, according to customer reports.

Precision Husky offers the helical faced options on all different sizes. For more information, call Jeff McLaughlin at (205) 640-5181.

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Owens Introduces New Small Log End-Dogging Headrig
Owens Machine Manufacturing has developed a new small log headrig, the model HR-6. It is a low-profile, end-dogging headrig for processing hardwood and softwood logs from 3-12 inches in diameter and 8-10 feet long.

The Owens model HR-6 headrig features air electric setworks and a minimum center point of 1 3/4 inches. It has two arbor motors with 32-inch diameter carbide saw blades and laser light guide lines and comes equipped with inline log turners.

For more information, contact Owens Machine Manufacturing at (253) 756-0627, fax (253) 759-0839.

Messersmith Combustion Systems Have New Controls
Messersmith Manufacturing Inc. is now using a GE Fanuc operator control station for the computerized command screen of the Messersmith Industrial Combustion System. It allows screens to change instantly, giving the operator more information and enabling him to make adjustments by pushing a ‘button’ and receiving an immediate response.

Messersmith Industrial Combustion Systems provide automatic firing of wood chips or sawdust, producing up to 20 million btuh, depending on the unit. The company’s systems are available through manufacturer’s representatives and directly from the factory.

For more information, contact Messersmith at (906) 466-9010, fax (906) 466-2843, e-mail, or Web site at