Product Profiles – March 2001

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Product Profiles

Murphy Rodgers Dust Collector Features Advanced Filtration
The Murphy Rodgers MRM Dust Collector has an advanced filtration system that allows only clean air to pass through its exhauster, protecting and extending the life of the system. This affordable, low-maintenance dust collector also offers primary and secondary separation sections. It is easy to install and offers a number of flexible options to accommodate individual site requirements.

The primary section takes heavy particles and drops them into a storage area. Only minute particles rise into the secondary filter area, where the dust is removed so that only clean air passes up through the exhauster and out of the system.

Because particles and heavy materials do not pass through the exhauster, the system eliminates the risk of fire caused by sparks generated from material hitting the exhauster’s blades.

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All sections of the MRM Dust Collector are readily accessible. Once filters have been cleaned with the shaker mechanism, the MRM Dust Collector requires only one pick-up point for dust particles. In addition, the dust collector may be installed outside or inside — even in facilities with low ceiling areas or with a minimum amount of floor space.

For more information, contact Murphy Rodgers at (323) 587-4118, fax (323) 583-9540.

JC Saw & Equipment Develops New Portable Band Sawmill
JC Saw & Equipment, which formerly sold the Enercraft sawmill, is now manufacturing its own design of portable sawmills, edgers and custom equipment.

The company has introduced the JC24GME (Ground Manual Eliminator), using heavier bearings, larger shafts and thicker steel to develop the heaviest band sawmill on the market, it said.

The JC24GME will process a 24-inch diameter log up to 16 feet, 6 inches long. It has a quick clamping system that can be moved to every bunk for shorter or longer logs and can use a 1 1/4-inch or 1 ½-inch blade.

JC Saw & Equipment spent five months in research and development to bring the JC24GME to the marketplace in order to ensure customers they will get a well-tested, trouble-free mill. The JC24GME comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee plus a one-year warranty on all defective parts and workmanship.

For more information contact JC Saw & Equipment at 1-877-527-1100 or 573-322-8010, Web site or e-mail

Baker Products Offers Small, Manually-Operated Band Mill
With its acquisition of Enercraft, Baker Products now is able to offer customers a small portable band sawmill.

The Enercraft-Baker Model 18M is a manually-operated band sawmill. It is designed to be easy to operate yet efficient. It may be powered by a 13 hp or 20 hp Honda engine.

The Enercraft-Baker Model 18M will saw logs up to 24 inches in diameter and 16 feet, 6 inches long. Other length mills also are available.

For more information, contact Baker at (573) 663-3133.