New Products – February 2001

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Caterpillar 535B Wheel Skidder Features New Powertrain
The Caterpillar 535B wheel skidder features a new powertrain that uses the latest technology for increased torque, superior pulling power and direct drive capability. A lock-up clutch torque converter equips the 535B with all the operating advantages of torque converter operation as well as the speed and fuel efficiency of direct drive.

The Caterpillar 535B has production capabilities that are between the Caterpillar 545 and the lower horsepower 525.

The Caterpillar 353B wheel skidder is equipped with a Caterpillar 3126 engine that is turbo-charged, after-cooled, and features individual unit injection for high torque rise and responsiveness, fuel economy, and durability. The five-speed transmission matches engine power to the load size and ground conditions.

A large, heavy-duty torque converter with an integral lock-up clutch is matched to the engine for outstanding rimpull and improved overall skidding performance. The torque converter, a fluid coupling, multiplies torque and maximizes skidder performance by allowing the engine to run within its optimal rpm range while reducing the need for frequent gear shifting. The integral lock-up clutch allows operation in either converter drive or direct drive; the lock-up clutch is operator selected and automatically engages for direct drive. Direct drive yields faster travel speeds, improved fuel efficiency and more power to the ground in all gear ranges.

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The Caterpillar 535B wheel skidder handles dual-function arches outfitted with sorting grapples or bunching grapples. A mechanically driven, heavy-duty winch is available for cable skidder applications.

Other features include state-of-the-art hydraulics, rugged undercarriage with cradled front axle, durable mainframe and structures, a productivity-enhancing operator station, and a design that speeds maintenance.

For more information, contact a local Caterpillar dealer.

Stihl Improves 046M Chain Saw
Stihl has made several improvements to its popular model 046M chain saw. The weight of the improved Stihl 046M remains the same.

The company increased the power to 4.5kW, which allows for faster and superior cutting performance.

The new Stihl model 046M chain saw also now comes equipped with the Stihl IntelliCarbâ„¢ compensating carburetor, an innovation that allows long running times at full power without the need for constant air filter cleanings.

The improvements have been made to all versions of the Stihl 046 chain saw, including the Arctic version with flush and wrap handles.

For more information, contact Stihl at (800) 467-8445 or Web site at