Product Profiles – September 2000

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Product Profiles for September TL

Amerimulch has introduced a new line of high-energy mulch coloring machines, the Mighty Mite line, in response to the needs of small and mid-sized producers.
The Mini-Mite is the smallest in the company’s series of mulch coloring machines and can produce between 45 and 75 cubic yards per hour; it is priced at $29,000. The Middie-Mite produces between 125 and 160 cubic yards per hour and is priced at $45,000.

“Small to mid-sized producers were telling us that they liked our machine’s performance and reliability, but that they didn’t need a machine that could produce 250 cubic yards an hour,” said George Chase, Amerimulch president.

The Color Mill, previously Amerimulch’s only high-energy mulch coloring machine, has been renamed the Mega-Mite; it produces 175 to 275 cubic yards per hour and is priced at $69,000.

All Amerimulch Mighty Mite machines come complete with a standard bulk feed hopper and a variable speed drive to adjust feed rates for different textures of wood fiber. They also feature sensors that enable or disable the colorant injection system and the flow of water based on the presence or absence of wood fiber. Diesel and mobile models also are available.

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For more information, contact Amerimulch at (888) 556-3304 or visit the Web site at

Modified Bandit Beast Grinds Waste from New Roof Shingles
Bandit Industries Inc. has modified its Model 3680 Beast Recycler® to enable it to process new roof shingle waste into an effective asphalt supplement for an improved road surface. The modified machine also can be used to grind unwanted asphalt into fine particles suitable for road beds.

The Bandit Model 3680 Beast Recycler also is used for such applications as processing scrap and waste from sawmills, pallet plants, logging operations, construction, and more.

The modified Bandit Model 3680 Beast Recycler can grind asphalt shingles year-round, a feat that has been unreachable in the past because of the heat generated in the grinding process and the tendency for asphalt in shingles to soften at 110 degrees.

Bandit modified the Model 3680 to provide replaceable wear surfaces where the asphalt contacts the raker side of the holder. Using the Beast’s standard cutting tools, new shingle waste can be processed into an acceptable product in one pass.

Other modifications included spray nozzles on each side of the infeed and on the top feed wheel and changes to the discharge conveyor. Slow-moving augers are mounted underneath the cuttermill to collect waste and feed it back into the cuttermill, preventing material from being discharged at the infeed.

For information, contact Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178, fax (517) 561-2273, e-mail at, or Web site at

Wood-Mizer Curriculum Trains Sawmill Operators
Wood-Mizer has developed a curriculum package to train portable sawmill operators and donated the first 25 sets of the program to participating schools.

While sawing logs into lumber is a primary focus of the curriculum, it also teaches students about the forest products industry in methods that incorporate color, sound, literature, and hands-on activities. The materials are valued at more than $1,000 and include contributed items, such as a video and a moisture meter from other manufacturers.

“By providing a solid curriculum to leading forestry education institutions, we’re building a base to ensure the industry stays healthy and strong for years to come,” said Ian Campbell, founder and former president of Wood-Mizer-Canada.

The curriculum package was developed in conjunction with a number of North American forestry professionals and allows an instructor to tailor the program to his particular needs. The curriculum has been requested by high schools, vocational schools and technical colleges, and four-year universities.

For more information on the program, contact Lois McKuhen at Wood-Mizer at (317) 271-1542, ext. 1102, or contact Wood-Mizer Products at (800) 553-0182 or Web site at