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Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer?

No, but good guess. This group of elk is grazing near a red KMC/KOOTRAC Fire Tracker machine at the home of KMC/KOOTRAC president Wayne Farenholtz in...

Safety Alert: Feller-Buncher Operator Killed

Background On a sunny spring afternoon in the Southern U.S., a water hole, just below a pond dam, had to be crossed to access the...


Premier Tech Releases Virtual Tour Video

Premier Tech, which manufactures equipment and systems for bagging and packaging materials, has produced a video that provides a 360-degree tour of its head-quarters in Quebec, Canada. “When...


Magnum LT Linear Carriage 1 – Stoltzfus Forest Products

Stoltzfus Forest Products demonstrates the Hurdle Machine Works Magnum LT Linear Carriage, 40” openings, working with a TS Manufacturing 6’ double cut bandmill, Brownsville...


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