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   Category:  Associations

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  • American Forest & Paper Association - Largest association which represents the overall forestry and forest products industries. Special focus on environmental issues and lobbying Congress.
  • American Forest Foundation - The Foundation has a clear and certain mission: to encourage long term stewardship and sustainable use of our natural resources. Its two core programs are Project Learning Tree and the American Tree Farm System.
  • American Tree Farm - The American Tree Farm System certifies, educates and serves more than 70,000 tree farms across the United States.
  • American Wood Council - A division of the American Forest & Paper Association, AWC seeks to increase the use of wood by assuring the broad regulatory acceptance of wood products, developing design tools and guidelines for wood construction, and influencing the development of public policies affecting the use of wood products.
  • American Wood-Preservers' Association - The American Wood-Preservers' Association (AWPA) is an international, nonprofit society that acts as the principal standard writing body for the wood preserving industry of the United States.
  • APA: The Engineered Wood Association - The APA represents producers of engineered wood products such as plywood, OSB, glued laminated timber (glulam), and laminated veneer lumber. APA conducts testing and oversees certification of engineered wood products.
  • Appalachian Hardwoods Manufacturers Inc. - This association serves hardwood lumber manufacturers in the Appalachian region.
  • Ask a Forester - Ask a Forester is a free service provided by the Global Association of Online Foresters (GAOF). The aim of the GAOF is to help you to make friends with other people interested in forestry from all corners of the world and to promote all aspects of forestry.
  • Associated Cooperage Industries of America, Inc. - The trade association of the Wooden Barrel Industry and allied industries.
  • Associated Oregon Loggers - Logging trade association that represents the interest of and provides services to contract loggers.
  • Association of Consulting Foresters - ACF was founded in 1948 to advance the professionalism, ethics, and interests of professional foresters whose primary work was consulting to the public.
  • California Forestry Association - CFA is an organization representing forest product companies in California.
  • Canadian Pallet Council (CPC) - The CPC is an association which oversees the CPC orange pallet exchange system in Canada, particularly in the grocery industry.
  • Canadian Plywood Association - CANPLY - Represents manufacturers of plywood, veneer and veneer composite products in Canada.
  • Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition - Organization that oversees sustainable forestry practice standards and certification in Canada.
  • Canadian Wood Council (CWC) - The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) is a national federation representing the solid wood products industry in Canada.
  • Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA) - CWPCA represents the pallet industry in Canada.
  • Certified Forest Products Council - The Certified Forest Products Council is an independent, voluntary initiative committed to promoting responsible and environmentally friendly forest products buying practices throughout North America.
  • Colorado Timber Industry Association - Timber association dedicated to promoting healthy forest management
  • European Pallet Association eV EPAL - The European Pallet Association EPAL guarantees the highest quality standard for EUR-pallets.
  • Forest Products Society - An international not-for-profit technical association providing an information network for all segments of the forest products industry from standing tree to finished product.
  • Forest Resources Association (Formerly the American Pulpwood Association) - The Forest Resources Association promotes the best interests of wood fiber suppliers and consumers in the economical, efficient, and sustainable use, and stewardship, of forest resources to meet wood fiber needs through private enterprise.
  • Hardwood Manufacturers Association - The HMA represents hardwood lumber manufacturers across the United States. Its Web site offers an online guide of hardwood lumber species and tips.
  • Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association - Indiana association representing lumber manufacturers, its site includes a directory of lumber suppliers in the state, news and a trivia test.
  • Intermountain Forest Association - Organization of wood product manufacturers, timberland owners and related businesses in the northern Rockies.
  • International Wood Products Association - The International Wood Products Association (formerly the International Hardwood Products Association) is the only timber association in the United States committed to the promotion and enhancement of trade in the imported wood products industry. It serves as the North American imported wood products industry's spokes-group in Washington, D.C.
  • Lake States Lumber Association - The Lakes States Lumber Association represents a broad cross-section of individuals and business organizations involved in the timber industry.
  • Lumbermen's Association of Texas - LAT is an organization representing lumber and building material companies throughout Texas.
  • Michigan Association of Timbermen - The Michigan Association of Timbermen is a trade association, representing the forest products industry of Michigan.
  • Missouri Forest Products Association - Association for Missouri logging and sawmill companies, Web site includes an online newsletter, industry bulletin board, and membership directory.
  • National Hardwood Lumber Association - A non-profit trade association headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, made up of over 1,700 member firms who produce, sell and use hardwood lumber. Founded in 1898 for the purpose of setting up a uniform system of grading rules for the measurement and inspection of hardwood.
  • National Lumber Grades Authority - The National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) is responsible for writing and maintaining Canadian lumber grading rules.
  • National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) - NWPCA is the major association representing the interests of the wooden pallet and container industry in North America.
  • North American Wholesale Lumber Association - NAWLA is an international trade association of over 650 leading forest products and building material industry wholesalers, manufacturers and industry affiliated companies throughout North America. Site includes membership directory and industry links.
  • Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association - Established in 1933, The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) is the rules writing agency for Eastern White Pine lumber and the grading authority for Eastern Spruce, Balsam Fir, Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPFs) grouping, and other commercially important eastern softwood lumber species. NELMA is a leading agency for export wood packaging certification and the marketing voice for the wood products industry in the Northeast.
  • Oregon Forest Industries Council - A Statewide trade association representing large and medium sized industrial forestland owners and forest product manufacturers to promote and protect the interests of its members in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas.
  • Pacific Logging Congress - The Congress provides an international forum for its members on technical information and works to promote to the general public the importance of the forestry and logging industry.
  • Society of American Foresters - Association serving America's foresters with educational, legislative and technical information. Its Web site offers a buyers' guide, online classifieds, a job center, news updates, bookstore and research publications
  • South Carolina Forestry Association - Association serving America's foresters with educational, legislative and technical information. Its Web site offers a Buyers' Guide, online classifieds, a job center, news updates, bookstore and research publications.
  • Southern Forest Products Association - Association serving southern forest companies, Web site offers an electronic buyers' guide, industry statistics, weekly newsletter, industry calendar and links.
  • Southern Lumber Exporters Association, Inc. - SLEA is an association comprised of independent businesses involved in the worldwide export of southern pine and hardwood lumber.
  • Southern Pine Council - The SPC promotes the use of southern pine lumber. Its Web site has technical information, a literature catalog, and a directory of producers.
  • Structural Board Association (SBA) - The Structural Board Association (SBA) was formed to represent various OSB mills in the United States, Canada, and offshore. SBA efforts are targeted at gaining building code acceptance, developing product standards, and coordinating the promotional and technical activities of those mills.
  • Texas Forestry Association - TFA is an association of forest-minded landowners, businesses and professionals guided by conservation principles.
  • The Virginia Forest Products Association - Association of individuals and companies in Virginia's lumber and wood products industry.
  • Timber Producers Association of Michigan and Wisconsin - Industry association for companies in Michigan and Wisconsin, the Web site has information on legislation affecting the industry.
  • Washington Contract Logging Association - Association serving the needs of contract logging operations in the state of Washington.
  • Western Red Cedar Lumber Association - The Western Red Cedar Association is a trade association that represents producers of western red cedar lumber in British Columbia, Canada, and the U.S. Pacific Northwest states.
  • Western Wood Products Association - Serves lumber manufacturers in the 12 western states and Alaska by providing quality control, technical/product support and business information services.
  • Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association - The WMMPA is an international trade association for manufacturers of hardwood and softwood moulding, interior and exterior door frames and jambs, plank paneling, fingerjoints, MDF, and related millwork products.

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